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  • Level 2 Social Distancing for Three More Weeks Until May. 23

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 7352

    Social Distancing

    □ Adjustment of social distancing level
    ○ (Period) Mon, May. 03 – Sun, May. 23, 2021 (for three weeks)
    ○ (Level) Level 2 for the Seoul capital area + level 1.5 for non-capital areas
    ○ (Migrant workers) Reinforced management, including preemptive screening and on-site inspection
    – Installation of temporary designated screening clinics (22 locations) in high risk and populous areas of migrant workers for screening of migrant workers
    – Conducting on-site inspections and collecting environmental specimens for businesses (approximately 120,000) that employ and provide housing to five or more migrant workers
    *General inspection conducted on businesses with confirmed cases from preemptive screening and on-site inspection

    ○ (General inspection of multi-use facilities) General inspection of government ministries’ disease control and prevention conditions for two weeks from Mar. 15 to Mar. 28 in the metropolitan area
    – Preemptive screening for vulnerable facilities with high risk determined by inspection

    ○ (Expanded screening capability) 230,000 cases per day for PCR testing → Up to 500,000 cases per day for pooled testing, etc.

    ○ (Bath businesses) Bath businesses, including saunas, no longer mandated to shut down, but placed with a new restriction on operating hours to close after 10 PM due to high risk of infection among sleeping patrons

    Additional disease control and prevention measures for bath businesses: Businesses must close after 10 PM; body scrub staff must refrain from talking with patrons; users of steam rooms must be spaced 2 meters apart (at least 1 meter); capacity must be posted on steam room entrances; lockers and showers must be used spaced apart; masks must be worn in all areas aside from baths and steam rooms

    ○ (Exceptions to prohibition of private gatherings) Continued prohibition of private gatherings of 5 persons or more; need to resolve issues of restrictions on livelihood and daily life due to prolongation (common citizen complaint)
    – (Formal meetings) Exceptions apply to meetings between two families of fiancé and fiancée
    – (Infants and toddlers) Exceptions apply to infants and toddlers under 6 because their activities are limited since they require constant protection from guardians
    * Refers to pre-school children under 6 pursuant to Article 2 of the Child Care Act
    – (Restriction exception) Exceptions apply in cases where an excessive number of people gather by allowing up to 8 persons (i.e. immediate family members, formal meetings, infants and toddlers)
    – (First-birthday party businesses) Exceptions apply to guarantee the goodwill of first-birthday party businesses, which are virtually limited in business activity due to the restriction on private gatherings of 5 persons or more
    * Exceptions apply only to first-birthday party businesses that have a disease control and prevention supervisor; capacity shall reflect the permitted number for each social distancing level (same as wedding and funeral halls) in compliance with the disease control and prevention regulations

    ○ (Entertainment facilities) Restriction on operating hours to close after 10 PM maintained for businesses in the Seoul capital; restriction lifted for businesses in non-capital areas in accordance with level 1.5 social distancing and equity with other industries
    – Entertainment establishments in non-capital areas must comply with the disease control and prevention regulations and receive regular inspection; strengthen management, such as “one strike, you’re out,” enforced to minimize

    Disease control and prevention regulations [common]: Limited capacity of 1 person per 8 m2 of permitted area reported; must observe the restricted use and hours of operation (up to 4 persons per room); must observe with regulations when singing (acrylic partition required, and only one singer at a time); dancing in clubs prohibited (must not operate dance halls/floors); customers are prohibited from moving between tables and rooms (e.g. pick-up bars); electronic visitors’ log required (including workers of entertainment businesses); prohibition of dancing at colatecs lifted and must observe disease control and prevention regulations [new addition]; no eating, excluding water and non-alcoholic beverages; gloves and masks required when dancing requires physical contact; must be distanced at least 1 meter from other dancers

    ○ (Casinos) National/public casinos in the Seoul capital area (2 locations) allowed to resume operations (20% of capacity) in consideration of equity with private facilities that are not subject to business operation restrictions and the economic damage caused by long-term suspension of operation