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    Dear sir special greetings of love and respect from algeria to the soeul metroploitan team in seoul, korea today am glad to write to you again and again to ask you about my prize that i have won with you in your last event seoul typography prize , you have announced the list of the winners in 11/02/2015 my name was listed as an official and legal winner of excellence entry category and i have won with you a beats studio wireless over-head ear-phones and i have posted to you from my e-mail in yahoo .fr more than 9 message with the form that you have asked us to fill it correctly with our informations and the detailed postal addresse to get the prize my 9 e-mail were sent to your e-mail english@seoul.go.kr i have cheked again my sent box in e-mail and i have found that i have posted to you 9 e-mails with the form the first in 11/02/2015 the second in 12/02/2015 the third in 12/02/2015 the fourth in 13/02/2015 the fifth in 14/02/2015 the sixth in 15/02/2015 the seventh in 15/02/2015 the eighth in 16/02/2015 the ninth in 16/02/2015 so i think that everything is ok and legal and you have recieved my full and detialled informations in your inboxenglish@seoul.go.kr in 9 times it means in 9 e-mail from me mr.ferhat bezazel : ferhat.wanderer@yahoo.fr so I hope that you will say in davance like in already that you didn’t get my 9 e-mails along with my full and detailed informations, because you will be lying in all the ways and that’s is the truth I found out today that you want to play with our feelings and our efforts, as happened in the past I found myself today forced to protest strongly to your actions Why you do not want to respond to e-mails and to my questions ?????? Why you don not want to send my legal prize( the beats wireless stduio and the seoul souvenir)that i have won in competition with you Why all this stupied silence ??????? A. I think, there is one explanation for your silence It is that you are sure I’m right And you do not want to send me the prize, but you want to take the prize for your self And you will say as in usual that you simply regret because you haven’t not receive any response from my side in a specified time to legally contest So i ask you today Where did goes my 9 e-mail from 1102/2015 till 16/02/2015 Your lies and the lies and the lies of this LH INC, LEE MIN JOO are obvious and stupid I assure you today that I will not accept any flimsy argument from you And i ask you what are you doeing ?????? I ask you to be honest and impartial Trustees and tell us the truth as it is Where is the prize ???????????????? Or you would like to stol it like in the first time with the prize of the second mission Please stop playing with our emotions and efforts Respect us because your country and your city How do you organize a competition and you don’t send the legal prizes to the legal winners This is strange and ridiculous What is the benefit of the organization of this competitions and contests and events Just for your personal pleasure for laughing on people like me or for what ??????? I hope that you respect yourselves and you stop playing with us If you have sent it tell me do you have sent it by EMS or DHL ? And where is the tracking number, to ask for my prize here in algeria so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? by the way this time i will never stop of protesting by all the means and the ways it will be a war bettween me and you i will contatc everything in korea the president the gouvernment the mayor of seoul…etc to show to them that you are not honest you are not right, you lie and you stolen the prizes of the winners by all the ways and i will contact you by phone to protest and you will lost the game any way i repeat the message here you have announced the list of the winners in 02/02/2015 and here is the link https://english.seoul.go.kr/seoul-typography-contest-winner/ and i have won an excellence award which is in fact a beats studio wireless over-ear headphones my name is bezazel ferhat/algeria you have asked us to fil in form and to send you our detailed information and postal addresse to get the prize so in that time i have write to you for more than 9 times with the form and my full postal informations from 4 till 16 february 2015 till 16 february 2015 and here is the example of my letter ////////////////////////// À english@seoul.go.kr english@seoul.go.kr english@seoul.go.kr fév 11 dear friends of in the radio of peace and Friendship It is with much joy and happiness, that I take my pen to write the message of love and devotion to you write on pink paper that I take the garden Love blooms in my heart And now first, I you send my special warm greetings from Algeria and I hope you are well and that doing so good with you and now I want to write this letter to GIVE YOU MY FULL AND COrRECT INFORMATIONS about my winning entry in the last contest organised by seoul metroplitan gouvernement and whih is about seuol typo graphy of course i was so lucky to win with you an excellence award wich is in fact beats studio wirless over-ear headphones write to me on mr.Ferhat bezazel 032, communal Stadium street ain kechera 21007 W.skikda Algeria ///////////////// So what happen with you Where is the problem gaian ?????????? I ask you by the name of the god to be honest and loyaly and fair so whe are no in the end of may and i haven’t recieved anything so so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? so where is my prize ?????????????????? I wrote to you in more than on hundered times to / english@seoul.go.kr but you did not answer ????????????????????????????????????????????? so i decided to say no more patience with you and stop playing with us and with our feelings and our efforts ???? you have to answer us you have to tell us the truth —————————— write to me on mr.Ferhat bezazel 032, communal Stadium street ain kechera 21007 W.skikda Algeria