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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Let’s be Watchmen, Looking out for Citizens

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2625

    The 8th Security Council Conference

    Date December 12th, 2014 |Venue Situation Room, Seoul City Hall

    It is a great pleasure to see you all here today. I am the mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Mr. Park Nea Hak, as well as to the leaders of academic, religious, economic circles, and civic organizations for sparing your precious time to attend this conference. I especially congratulate Mr. Gu Eun-su for his appointment as the new commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on September 1st. I would ask you to join me in giving him a warm round of applause.

    The Security Council usually has a conference around March to May of every year, but due to the local elections on June 4th and the inspections of government offices in the second half of the year, it has been postponed until now. I appreciate your kind understanding.

    The Security Council has traditionally operated based on agreements between institutions. This conference is very meaningful in that it is the first meeting based on the Seoul Metropolitan Security Council Establishment and Operation Act since its official enactment in March of this year.

    The Security Council has been working to establish basic order, instill a more advanced traffic culture, and to eradicate illegal and disorderedly acts in everyday life. It has also been discussing and practicing cooperation plans for success in hosting the G-20 Summit in 2010 and the Nuclear Security Summit in 2012. At today’s conference, we will share our understanding with other institutions and discuss potential issues for cooperation in social safety matters such as sexual abuse, invasion of privacy, child protection, and school violence. These issues are not in fact new, but they are nevertheless critical issues to be continuously discussed; while citizens’ demands and expectations of safety are increasing, they are still exposed to a variety of unpredictable dangers and crimes, which are becoming more intelligent and ferocious.

    There is a phrase, “better safe than sorry.” I think it is crucial to take measures to prevent bad things from happening. There are some limits to depending and relying on government institutions and regulations against diverse disorders and preventive measures against crime. Therefore, Seoul Metropolitan Government is striving to establish a social safety net through cooperation with the Security Council members to make Seoul safe and to protect citizens’ safety. To eradicate sexual violence, the government is applying the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) to a wider range throughout the entire city, installing security systems in areas where single-person households are highly populated, operating an escort service for women along with late-night buses, and implementing school sheriff projects, which are gaining positive responses from citizens. These projects would not have been successful without the active support of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. I take this opportunity to express my thanks to Commissioner Gu Eun-su. I hope we can use this conference to tear down the walls between institutions, and I also hope we can cooperate to share insights on safety and discuss the establishment of a social safety net, law and order, and crime prevention to build a safe city.

    It has been meaningful and helpful for me to share great insights with many leading members of the council in different areas here today. I think we all have to participate and make efforts together to effectively make Seoul safe so that citizens can live in security. From now on, the role of the Seoul Metropolitan Security Council will be even more important than before.

    To do our best to practice cooperation between institutions under the general principle of law and order, we will also have to pay attention to building a consensus with citizens through communication. We are coming to the end of the year; I hope you finish the year with great achievements and I wish you even greater success in the next. I wish you all happy New Year. Thank you very much.