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  • Let’s Take a Break This Chuseok

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    Celebrate this year’s Chuseok
with your family in spirit!
Please refrain from traveling home this Chuseok as much as possible.
If you must visit your family, please maintain good personal hygiene and comply with quarantine rules.

    Chuseok is one of Korea’s major national holidays. During the Chuseok holiday, a majority of Koreans visit their hometowns to spend time with family and relatives. However, this year, the Korean government recommends citizens to refrain from traveling home and visiting family and relatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Certainly, Chuseok is the most important national holiday for Koreans, who have looked forward to it all year long. However, this Chuseok, it is probably better off for all of us to take a break. If people travel long distances en masse, there will inevitably be as many contact among citizens. Moreover, there is a high risk of carrying and spreading the virus across cities and regions from family to relatives.
    In light of this, the government has plans to counteract and change its policy: toll-exemption, which have been implemented for Chuseok and Seollal since 2017, will be lifted and imposed in order to curb travel and prevent the recurrence of another wave of COVID-19 infections. This action implies the government’s request: “Refrain from traveling this Chuseok as much as possible.”
    The government will designate this Chuseok holiday season as a “special quarantine period” from Wed, Sep. 30 to Sun, Oct. 4, and take measures that will be applied nationwide corresponding to level 2 social distancing for people who must visit their family and hometown.
    This Chuseok holiday will serve yet again as a test for Korea, standing at the crossroads that decide whether or not the nation can prevent the third wave of COVID-19 infections. Keep in mind that COVID-19 is the reason that children are taking online classes because they are unable to go to school, and above all else, the health of your family should be the most important factor to consider.

    Safety Guidelines

    <COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines during the Chuseok Holiday>

    “Refrain as much as possible from travelling this Chuseok” to control the infections

    ➊ (Basic rule) Reduce social interactions, such as visiting friends and attending social events or gatherings.
    ➋ (For unavoidable visits) Minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission by complying with the virus prevention control measures set for the particular area or the route.
    1. When travelling by car (en routeㆍat destination)
    ▸Stay at home and rest if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms.
    * If a fever of 38℃ or higher continues, or the symptoms deteriorate, contact the KCDC call center at 1339, area code+120 or a local public health center.
    ▸Minimize time spent at service area on highway.
    ▸Wear a mask at all times when stopping at service area on highway.
    ▸Maintain 2 meters (at least 1 meter) of physical distance from others at service area on highway
    ➊ At railway stations and bus terminals
    ▸When you book seats for public transport such as trains and highway buses, reserve the seat online in advance or use the non-person-to-person reservation method such as mobile check-in.
    ▸Wear a mask at all times.
    ▸Avoid talking to one another.
    ▸Consume food and drink only at a designated area.
    ▸Maintain 2 meters (at least 1 meter) distance while waiting in a queue for smoking or bathroom use.
    ➋ In a train or bus
    ▸Wear a mask at all times.
    ▸Avoid consuming food and drink on public transport.
    ▸Avoid talking on the phone or to one another when taking public transport. If unavoidable, wear a mask and speak in a low voice.
    2. When visiting friends or relatives
    ➊ Things to do
    ▸Minimize time spent when visiting other people’s homes.
    ▸When visiting other people’s homes, strictly observe self-hygiene measures, such as wearing a mask and washing hands.
    ▸Take each food on one’s own plate using communal spoons
    ▸Greet with a bow instead of a handshake or hug.
    ▸Ventilate the place regularly, at least twice a day.
    ▸Keep daily spaces (such as bathroom) clean, and disinfect the surfaces of high-touch objects, such as remote controls and doorknobs on a daily basis.
    ➋ Things to avoid
    ▸Refrain from visiting or contacting others if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough.
    ▸Avoid going to crowded places with friends, especially enclosed and poorly-ventilated areas, such as indoor entertainment facilities and Karaokes.
    ▸Refrain from spitting water droplets (such as shouting relief, singing songs, etc.).
    3. Upon arrival at an accommodation
    ▸Stay inside the premise and check for a fever or respiratory symptoms.

    Online Arts & Culture

    Quality programs will be aired to promote the arts and culture to provide fun and sentimental experiences to citizens at home while social distancing during the special quarantine period of this Chuseok holiday.
    • Online arts & culture programs during Chuseok

    Online arts & culture programs during Chuseok
    Category Date Program Content Channel
    Performance Sat, Sep. 26 ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak‘ Online Performance ① – Video of “Don’t Worry, Dear” sung by Singer Ali at the Donuimun Museum Village ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak‘ on YouTube
    Sat, Oct. 3 ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak‘ Online Performance ② – Video of Daegeumi Nuna (with 90,000 YouTube subscribers) at the Donuimun Museum Village
    Fri, Oct. 2 (scheduled) Munhwaro Todaktodak‘ Special Chuseok Greeting Concert of “Song Ga-in and Yu Taepyeongyang” – Joint concert of Song Ga-in, a trot singer, and Yu Taepyeongyang, a traditional Korean singer at a cultural facility
    – With a vivid performance video using 3D virtual image and VR
    Thu, Sep. 24 Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Online Concert
    ‘Mendelssohn Ensemble’
    – Real-time performance of Mendelssohn classic to enjoy online on an autumn evening Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra on YouTube
    Thu, Oct. 1. 2020 Seoul Knowledge Linking Festival & Forum
    – Library Episode
    – The program that opens 2020 Seoul Knowledge Linking Festival that will take place for a month
    – A chance to imagine a new type of library by watching dancers who dance to the music inside the library.
    Seoul Metropolitan Library on YouTube
    Thu, Sep. 24 –Sat, Sep. 26 <2020 Seoul Traditional Dance Festival> (Seoul Namsan Gukakdang) – Opening ceremony: Catwalk for traditional dances and attires
    – Four types of traditional dances by four great dancers
    – Closing ceremony: Performance for wishing well-being against COVID-19
    ※ Online live broadcasting of the whole program
    Gugak TV on YouTube
    Fri, Sep. 25 – Fri, Nov. 27 [Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater]
    <Donhwamun Excursion>
    – Online tour to look into the history of Donhwamun-ro
    – Stories of Donhwamun-ro delivered by 10 figures in the field of traditional arts
    Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater on YouTube
    Sat, Sep. 19 – Sun, Oct. 4 2020 Seasonal Circus Program
    <Circus Caravan>
    – Online real-time broadcasting of the seasonal circus program at the Oil Tank Culture Park Seoul Street Arts Creation Center on YouTube
    Exhibition Thu, Sep. 17 – Sun, Oct. 4 SeMA Agenda 2020 ‘Collection’
    <From Possession to Sharing, from Relics to Bit> Symposium
    – Video of the symposium that discusses the direction of collection of museums in the future Seoul Museum of Art on YouTube
    Wed, Sep. 30 <This Event> Museum Night with the performance and exhibition – Video of the exhibition tour and performance
    Thu, Oct. 1 <Rise Up Rim Dong Sik>
    An archive story told by the curator
    – Video to introduce the exhibition and works of <Rise Up Rim Dong Sik>
    Experience Fri, Sep. 25 ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak’
    Making a bracelet by knotting
    – Video on the experience of making your own bracelet
    – Follow the instruction of the video after buying the kit on Naver Smart Store
    ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak‘ on YouTube
    Tue, Sep. 29 ‘Munhwaro Todaktodak’
    Learning ‘Rocki’
    A drum lesson for beginners

    Other Useful Information

    • Hospitals and Pharmacies
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has designated clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies that will open during the Chuseok holiday (Wed, Sep. 30 – Sun, Oct. 4) so that citizens who find themselves sick can conveniently get medical services they need.
    A total of 67 Seoul’s emergency medical institutions and general hospitals’ emergency rooms will be operating round-the-clock as usual. Note that some medical institutions with on-call medical personnel may have different hours of operation.
    Citizens can find which nearby hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are open via phone (emergency service by dialing 119 or DASAN Call Center by dialing 120), web (National Fire Agency; Seoul Metropolitan Government; District Office; Central Emergency Medical Center), and app (e-gen).
    For minor cases, over-the-counter drugs (13 items from 4 types of emergencies, such as antacids, antipyretic analgesics, cold medicine, and transdermal patches) can be easily purchased at 6,918 stores, including convenience stores.
    Citizens are advised to rest and get enough sleep during the holiday to avoid holiday fatigue, such as from preparations, long-distance driving, and change of environment. Citizens are also advised to comply with quarantine rules and maintain good personal hygiene, such as consuming sanitary drinking water and food as well as frequent hand washing, due to heightened exposure and contact from traveling and visiting family.
    • Emergency Medical Institutions Open During Chuseok
    A total of 67 institutions (31 emergency medical centers, 17 local emergency medical institutions, 19 hospitals with emergency rooms, etc.)

    Emergency Medical Institutions Open During Chuseok
    Districts Emergency medical centers
    (5 regional, 24 local)
    Emergency medical institutions (17 local) Hospitals with emergency rooms (19)
    Jongno-gu Gangbuk Samsung Hospital
    Seoul National University Hospital
    Seoul Red Cross Hospital
    Seran Hospital
    Jung-gu Seoul Paik Hospital 2270-0119     National Medical Center
    Cheil General Hospital
    Yongsan-gu Soonchunhyang University Hospital 709-9117        
    Seongdong-gu Hanyang University Hospital 2290-8284        
    Gwangjin-gu Konkuk University Medical Center 2030-5555 Hyemin Hospital 2049-9119    
    Dongdaemun-gu The Catholic Univ. of Korea St. Paul’s Hospital
    Kyunghee University Hospital
    Sahmyook Medical Center
    Seoul Sungsim General Hospital
    Dongbu Hospital
    Jungnang-gu Seoul Medical Center 2226-7403 Dongbu Jeil Hospital
    Green Hospital
    Seongbuk-gu Korea University Medicine 920-5374        
    Gangbuk-gu         Daehan Medical Center
    Seoul Hyundai Hospital
    Dobong-gu Hanil General Hospital 901-3000        
    Nowon-gu Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital
    Nowon Eulji Medical Center, Eulji University
    Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences 970-2621    
    Eunpyeong-gu     Chung Goo Sung Sim Hospital 383-0129 Eunpyeong Yonsei Hospital 388-0119
    Seodaemun-gu Severance Hospital 2227-7777 Donshin Hospital 396-9161
    Mapo-gu         Shinchon Yonsei Hospital 337-7582
    Yangcheon-gu Ewha Womans University Medical Center 2650-5911 Hong Ik Hospital 2600-0618 Seonam Hospital
    Mediheal Hospital
    Gangseo-gu     Bumin Hospital 2620-0119 Mizmedi Hospital
    Kang Seo Yonsei Hospital
    Wooridul Hospital
    Guro-gu Korea University Guro Hospital 2626-1557 Guro Sungsim Hospital 2067-1515    
    Geumcheon-gu     Heemyoung Hospital 809-0122    
    Yeongdeungpo-gu The Catholic Univ. of Korea Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital
    Hallym University Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital
    Sungae Medical Foundation
    Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital
    Myongji St. Mary’s Hospital
    Daerim St. Mary’s Hospital
    CM Hospital
    Youngdungpo Hospital
    Hangangsoo Hospital
    Dongjak-gu Boramae Medical Center
    Chung-ang University Hospital
    Gwanak-gu H+ Yangji Hospital 070-4665
        Love Care Clinic
    Seoul Bon Hospital
    Kangnam Korea Hospital
    Seocho-gu The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital 2258-2370        
    Gangnam-gu Samsung Seoul Hospital
    Gangnam Severance Hospital
        Cha University Gangnam Medical Center
    Bestian Seoul Hospital
    Tntn Hospital
    Songpa-gu Seoul Asan Hospital 3010-3333 National Police Hospital 3400-1300    
    Gangdong-gu Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital
    VHS Medical Center
    Kyung Hee University Healthcare System


    ※ Hospitals with emergency rooms: Emergency medical institutions (10), General hospital emergency rooms (7)
    • Household Waste Disposal During Chuseok by District
    Household waste can be disposed of only on designated days (see table below) for each district due to the suspension of waste management facilities services, such as waste collection and transportation, resource recovery facilities and metropolitan landfill sites, from Wed, Sep. 30 to Sun, Oct. 4. However, make sure to check the website or contact your local district office since the waste disposal schedule may vary by neighborhood (dong) in each district.

    Household Waste Disposal During Chuseok by District
    Date General Waste Recyclable Items Food (Compost)
    Wed, Sep. 30 Guro-gu and Dongdaemun-gu only
    Thu, Oct. 1 Gangdong-gu only Gangdong-gu and Dobong-gu only
    Fri, Oct. 2 Gangdong-gu, Gangseo-gu, Gwanak-gu, Gwangjin-gu, Geumcheon-gu, Dongjak-gu, Seodaemun-gu, Songpa-gu, Yangcheon-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, and Jungnang-gu only
    Sat, Oct. 3 Gangnam-gu, Gangseo-gu, Seocho-gu, and Jung-gu only
    Sun, Oct. 4 All districts

    • Special Transportation for Chuseok (2020)
    Extended subway and bus service hours
    ‣ Extension: Thu, Oct. 1 – Fri, Oct. 2 until 2 AM of following day (for two days)
    – Subways: Extended service hours until 2 AM of following day (based on the terminal arrival time)
    – Buses: Extended service hours until 2 AM of following day from train station or bus terminal to the direction of the last stop (garage)

    Special Transportation for Chuseok (2020)
    Wed, Sep. 30 Thu, Oct. 1 (Chuseok) Fri, Oct. 2 Sat, Oct. 3 Sun, Oct. 4

    Extended until
    2 AM

    Extended until
    2 AM

    ○ Scheduled number of increased subway services: A total of 296 operations for 2 days
    ○ Scheduled extension of bus services: Adjustment of intervals for 129 routes that pass by nine major stations and bus terminals
    Extended operation of express and inter-city buses (departing from Seoul)
    ○ Period: Tue, Sep. 29 – Sun, Oct. 4, 2020 (for 6 days)
    Nighttime operation of public transportation (bus, taxi)
    ○ 72 night buses on nine routes: 11:40 PM to 3:45 AM of following day
    ○ 3,124 night taxis: 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM of following day
    Extended hours of bus-only lane on Gyeongbu Expressway
    ○ Period: Chuseok holiday (Tue, Sep. 29 – Sun, Oct. 4, for six days)
    – Extended for four hours: (Before) 7 AM – 9 PM on holidays → (After) 7 AM – 1 AM of following day
    ※ Return to normal hours after 1 AM on Mon, Oct. 5
    ○ Section: South of Hannamdaegyo Bridge to Sintanjin I.C. (140.9 km)
    ○ Target: +9-seater vehicles (at least 6 passengers for 12-seaters or smaller)
    Reinforced disease control and prevention on the subway and buses to fight COVID-19
    ○ Subways: Concentrated disinfection and quarantine personnel at eight major transfer stations, and reinforced crackdown on those who do not wear a mask
    ○ Buses: Disinfection of buses and bus stops, restricted boarding for those who do not wear a mask, and active enforcement and instructions
    Special full-scale inspection for traffic facilities for safe operation of public transportation
    ○ Period: Mon, Sep. 14 – Mon, Oct. 5, 2020
    ※ Operated separately by each institution during the period
    ○ Target: Buses and bus stops, subway trains and stations, taxis, terminals, public bicycles, safety facilities, etc.
    ○ Contents: Subway facilities, safety facilities, convenience facilities for passengers, etc.
    – Frequent disinfection of facilities used by passengers (ticket vending machine, refund machine, automatic gate machine, elevators, etc.)
    Additional assignment of personnel to control the safety of railway stations and bus terminal transfer stations
    ○ Period: 5 PM – 9 PM on Tue, Sep. 29, 2020