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[2012] Mayor’s Speech

  • Let’s Find Solutions Together to Make Sure the Seoul Metropolitan Government Hits a Grand Slam

  • [2012] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1245

    Listening Policy Debate for the development of baseball

    Date: June 4, 2012
    Venue: Jamsil Baseball Stadium

    Today, you mentioned the many difficulties you faced in the past. As the incumbent mayor, I cannot but feel very sorry.

    Regarding the issue of renovation or rebuilding the current baseball field, there are differences of opinion between amateur and professional players, and even now, discussions are underway regarding whether the baseball field should be partially renovated or completely redesigned and rebuilt. If it needs to be rebuilt, it will be no easy task to secure the necessary funds and select the right location.

    This is an issue that should be solved together, as I don’t think it can be solved by one institution or one person alone. I value partnerships. For instance, the baseball clubs also have a stake in this issue. Therefore, it is not mainly the Seoul Metropolitan Government that should be held accountable. Managing stores, creating a baseball club in collaboration with Seoul City, and providing enjoyment to the citizens— all of these require partnerships.

    Unlike in the past, today’s society possesses numerous channels for communication and interaction, but such means are not used properly. Currently, many broadcasters are using Twitter when doing live broadcasts, which should also be used as another of our communication outlets.

    Today’s discussions on what we can do for baseball and baseball fans will be a starting point. For example, Seoul City has posted a question on Facebook regarding how design can change the city of Seoul. Baseball fans and experts alike can actually participate in this issue as well.

    I think physical training and sports are really important. In particular, if you enjoy and are active in sports, both physically and mentally, your health will improve, and medical costs and doctor’s visits will decrease. If around one to five percent of our medical costs were spent to build sports facilities, it would produce a significant preventive health benefit for our society. In this regard, it is an issue worth considering.

    For Seoul City to hit a grand slam—to use a baseball analogy—I need all of you to think together and resolve this issue.