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  • Let’s Go Bike Riding in Sangam-dong DMC at the Weekend!

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    Seoul City announced on April 7 that it will operate a bicycle trail designed to allow people to ride through the “future city” of Sangam-dong DMC and the surrounding natural environment, including an eco-friendly park, with the onset of spring.

    Digital Media SculptureCurrently, the DMC PR Center has twenty MTB bicycles available for hire free of charge on a first come first served basis, including fifteen for adults, three for children, and two for couples.

    Bike rental is available from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. An individual can rent a bike for a maximum of three hours, but can extend the rental once if no one else is on the waiting list.

    The DMC complex has created the optimal bike riding trail where families, couples and friends can have fun together, by linking the course with a nearby eco-friendly park and the Hangang River. Visitors can enjoy a unique adventure according to the purpose of their visit.

    The DMC also offers the Art Wall Experience Course, the world’s longest art gallery. Extending for 7.2 kilometers, visitors can view works of art in progress, created by transforming the construction site walls into the state of art, as they ride alongside the art wall.

    Art Wall Experience Course (Takes about 1~2 hours)

    Fire Space, Soil Space, Water Space, Light Space, Wind Space