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  • Lee Kwang Soo 이광수 Fan Meeting in Malaysia 2014

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    Happy weekends everybody !

    I just want to share with you here about a Korean artist, Lee Kwang Soo who came to Malaysia on 04-JANUARY-2014 for his fan meeting show with his fans in Malaysia. It was his first time in Malaysia but he was very touched with the fans reactions towards him. He felt very welcome and was really appreciate for the fans supports.

    Check out the pictures that I took during the event. By the way, I got to hug Lee Kwang Soo and shake hands with him on stage because I was one of the 10 fans who were lucky enough to win the True/False Facts About Lee Kwang Soo Game. He also gave me an autographed tshirt . It was a super awesome memory to make as a starting for my New Year! Hehehe. Til i write again!