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  • Learning about Seoul’s History and Culture from Foreigners

  • SMG 3385

    Seoul will operate <SEMU-YÉOL Lecture>, an English lecture that informs foreigners of the excellence and value of Seoul’s traditional culture, on the first Monday of each month until December 3, 2018 for a total of eight sessions.

    The lecture, which will be given in Learning Room 1, Seoul Museum of History, will be aimed at foreigners and Seoul citizens and conducted in English. There will be a total of eight sessions for six speakers, one exploration session, and one experience lecture. Each lecture will be held from 11:30-13:00 and the exploration session and experiential lecture will be from 10:00-12:00 according to the following information.

    Learning about Seoul’s History and Culture from Foreigners
    Lecture No.ScheduleThemeSpeaker
    14. 2 (Mon.)Understanding Seoul : Seeing Our City with Different Eyes Daniel Täendler
    Architect, Co-director of urban detail
    25.12 (Sat.)[Walking Lecture] Understanding Seoul : Seeing Our City with Different Eyes
    36. 4 (Mon.)Why North Korea is Not a “Communist” Country, or the Unnoticed Birth of North Korean CapitalismAndrei Lankov
    Professor at Kookmin University
    49. 3 (Mon.)Korean Buddhism in the World : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Bernard Senecal
    Director of the Institute for the Study of Religion at Sogang University
    510. 1 (Mon.)[Experience Program]Cooking Class on Korean Temple Cuisine Venerable Hyungmin
    Korean Temple Food Center
    611.12 (Mon.)  The Roots of Korean Literature Kevin O'Rourke
    Professor Emeritus at Kyunghee University  
    712. 3 (Mon.)Moving beyond Makgeolli : Selected Observations on Traditional Korean AlcoholJohn M. Frankl
    Professor at Yonsei University

    This year especially, experts in each field were invited and programs were carefully selected for more foreigners and citizens to attend quality English lectures about Seoul’s history and culture.

    <SEMU-YÉOL Lecture> is not only for foreigners residing in Korea but is open for participation by all citizens who wish to attend lectures about Seoul in English. The admission is free to all, and applications for the second education session to be held on April 2 will be accepted until March 29. After the deadline, each session will be open to 40 individuals on a first-come, first-served basis via telephone, and inquiries for application can be made to the secretariat (Monday – Friday/02-745-5878). In the case of regular lectures, interested attendees may register on-site (first come, first served basis). This will be a new experience to learn in depth about Seoul and Korea through foreign experts.

    SEMU-YÉOL Lecture Photos
    SEMU-YÉOL Lecture PhotosSEMU-YÉOL Lecture Photos
    SEMU-YÉOL Lecture PhotosSEMU-YÉOL Lecture Photos
    [SEMU-YÉOL Lecture Photos]