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  • Leading Practice of Sharing and Donation by Changsin-dong, the First Village That Underwent Urban Regeneration

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2429

    On January 7, 2020, a small but not insignificant donation ceremony was held in the Good Neighbors Hall. “Danji Story,” an aspiring social enterprise of Changsin-dong, the first village in Seoul that was transformed through the urban regeneration, donated KRW 500,000 to Good Neighbors, the prize money it received at the Seoul Urban Regeneration Film Awards.

    This donation is more meaningful in that the residents donated the prize money in the contest organized by the government with their supported activity that aimed at the vitalization of the community.

    Danji Story submitted a video that fondly depicts a people’s excursion in Changsin-dong and the activity of “Picture Book Workshop” where mothers and children living in Changsin-dong made picture books as part of the “Village Level Up Project” supported by a private foundation and won the award.

    Last year, an exhibition entitled “Drawing the Village” was held to display the picture books made through the workshop at the “Changshin Quarry Viewing Gallery,” which was established through the invigoration project during the urban regeneration.

    The award ceremony of the 1st Seoul Urban Regeneration Film Award 2019 that presented diverse images and values of the urban regeneration projects in Seoul was successfully held on last December 19.

    ○ 14 works were awarded at the contest that was held to recruit citizen-created moving pictures that express a variety of appearances and values of the urban regenerations in Seoul.

    ○ All winning videos are available on the Seoul Urban Regeneration Portal (https://uri.seoul.go.kr/) and the YouTube channel of Seoul Urban Regeneration.