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  • Launching of the ‘Sharing Cities Alliance’

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    Launching of the ‘Sharing Cities Alliance’

    On May 18, 2017, the Sharing Cities Alliance was launched with the five cities of Seoul, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam and Copenhagen as members. The Sharing Cities Alliance will discuss operation of a knowledge network platform, share experiences among cities and announce future action plans including the hosting of an international seminar.

    The alliance was launched after Seoul introduced the concept of a sharing city in 2012 and the Amsterdam sharing group SHARENL was established in 2013, inspired by the announcement.

    At the launching ceremony of the sharing cities alliance, the organization announced six principles to develop a sharing city in a sustainable manner and promised to strengthen cooperation between member cities. The six principles include: ▴expansion of profit generation, ▴fair compensation and guarantee of labor rights, ▴standard implementation of public safety and security, ▴reduction of CO2 emissions and waste disposal, ▴guarantee of fair access and ▴protection of personal information.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has preemptively introduced the concept of a sharing economy as a way to solve various urban issues such as the parking problem and pollution since 2012. The SMG has sponsored a total of 91 startups and organizations thus far.

    The SMG’s sharing policies was also introduced to major international press outlets such as Forbes, LA Times and The Guardian and received a lot of attention. On March 2016, The Guardian included Seoul in its list of Seven Sustainable Cities in the World and on November 2016, gave Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, an award presented to an individual who contributed to realizing a sustainable future.