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  • Launching of “Community Space,” an Online Platform for Shared Space

  • Urban Planning News SMG 1211

    A pleasant tomorrow in our neighborhood, I'm spaced with neighbors, village vitality centers, village art creation centers, shared kitchens, and village meeting rooms. www.communityspace.kr

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) launched its online platform “Community Space” (https://www.communityspace.kr), which offers one-click services for searching and reserving over 600 community spaces in Seoul, on December 1, 2020.

    Community space refers to shared space (e.g. community revitalization centers, small libraries, club rooms, neighborhood bookstores, community workshops, shared kitchens) where neighbors share common business goals and their everyday life.

    In 2019, the SMG exhaustively collected information about public and private community spaces (e.g. small libraries, club rooms, neighborhood bookstores, community workshops, shared kitchens) that were surveyed and discovered with the twenty-five autonomous districts.

    On the platform, users can search and see lists of results on community space in Seoul by type (i.e. library, community space, residential facility, community cafe). Each location will offer detailed information about the community space in each region.

    The main functions of the platform are searching, making reservations, and applying to visit programs.
    – Searching
    Any citizen can access Community Space and search for their desired space, and the platform will provide information from locations to search options by autonomous district and type.
    – Making reservations
    Any citizen can reserve and use their reserved space after an administrator allows them to use the space in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. This reservation system is expected to play the role of a messenger between citizens and spaces.
    – Applying to visit programs
    As a function that offers navigation of spaces to direct participation in various programs at the spaces provided, this option is expected to promote communication between space owners and citizens as well as among citizens.

    Any operator of a space in a community can register their space for free via the Community Space website. The SMG will provide regular training for use of the platform for space operators in addition to holding a conference in March 2021 that addresses cases of revitalization of community spaces and offers lectures of know-how on operating spaces.

    Inquiries about the SMG’s shared online platform Community Space
    ◆ Inquiries about registration and system: 070-7767-5353 (Community Space administrator)

    The SMG aims to register 2,000 community spaces by the end of 2021 in addition to continually discovering more shared spaces.