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  • Launching Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsman

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched Seoul’s first ‘Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsman,’ composed of twenty-five private experts on labor, on April 13.

    Thirty people, including Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, Honorary Vice-Mayor for Youth Kim Yeong-gyeoung and the members of the Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsmen attended the ‘Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsman Ceremony’.

    The twenty-five appointed members of the Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsman each has at least five years’ experience working as a certified labor attorney or were selected from a group of private employment experts recommended by labor organizations.

    The ombudsman will focus mainly on protecting the rights of vulnerable people who work for small businesses or are temporary workers, and offer multilateral support aimed at establishing a better work environment and more rewarding job conditions. Its members will provide free-counseling, using the experience and knowledge of the labor field they have accumulated by working as honorary citizens for two years. Workers with specific difficulties or queries can request counseling by e-mail or dial 120, and a counselor will listen to their difficulties and offer counseling and advice.

    According to Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, “The Honorary Citizenship Labor Ombudsman is a labor project that aims to address a blind spot in local governmental policy and which Seoul City Government will push ahead with resolutely. We will increase the number of members of the ombudsman to seventy-five by 2014 to further promote the rights and interests of the most vulnerable workers.”