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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Larios Daisy

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1596

    I came to Seoul practically by chance: when I was selected as a Luce
    Scholar a national fellowship program administered by the Asia
    Foundation under a grant by the Luce Foundation to send Americans to
    Asia for a year-long experience, I suggested the National Digital
    Library of Korea as a possible work placement. As a librarian, I had
    heard of how impressive the National Digital Library was, but besides
    that knew next to nothing about Korea. And this was despite having
    grown up in Los Angeles, the city with the most ethnic Koreans outside
    of Korea. But since moving to Seoul in July 2011, Korea in general and
    Seoul in particular have both burrowed their way into my heart. The
    hustle and bustle, the mountains, the fashion, the music, the
    coffeeshops, the nightlife, the language, the people- I have fallen in
    love, and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve! My enthusiasm has
    already convinced several friends who are living in various parts of
    Asia and the United States to come and visit me, and Ive been here
    living here for only half a year. Because I am a child of Mexican
    parents, studied abroad in South Africa, and lived in Philadelphia for
    four years, I have many friends and family living all over the world,
    most of whom I keep in touch with Facebook where I have over 1,000
    friends, Tumblr, and my blog. It would be an honor to be officially
    recognized by the Seoul City Government for something I already am:
    one of Seouls biggest fans. I would be only too happy to use my writing and photography skills to tell the world about Seoul.