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  • Large Storehouse Transforms into a Treasure Cove Full of 120,000 Used Books: The Opening of Seoul Book Bogo in Seoul

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    An empty storehouse near Jamsillaru Station has transformed into a treasure chest full of used books and the fragrance of nostalgia.
    Seoul Metropolitan City has renovated the old Amway warehouse near the Sincheon Reservoir and transformed it into the nation’s first public used bookstore, “Seoul Book Bogo,” opening on March 27 (Wed.), and managed by SMC. Seoul Book Bogo is a massive used bookstore (one floor above ground) with an area of 1,465m2, and a “book culture space” where over 130,000 books are all collected in one place, including hard-to-find books published by independent publishers, and collections donated by celebrities.

    Seoul Book Bogo is not a simple used bookstore. Although the store has silently kept the value of the used books, it plays the role of a “used bookstore platform for publicity and purchasing,” linking, in solidarity, existing used bookstores and readers with small-sized used bookstores in the area, who are losing ground due to the opening of large bookstores and online used bookstores. It helps the used bookstores, as a safe house and space of preservation for the aged treasures and pieces of living heritage, and those who love used books and other citizens can buy used books from various used bookstores in one location.

    The types and prices of the used books that will be sold at Seoul Book Bogo are decided to reflect the opinion of each used bookstore owner as much as possible. The profit, except for a commission of about 10% (due to the credit card payment and other fees), will be given back to the used bookstores. As the commission is lower than that of the existing, large-sized used bookstores on the market, it is expected that the small-sized used bookstores will be able to enjoy better benefits and the readers will be able to buy books at lower prices.

    Inside Seoul Book Bogo, there is ▴the space for selling and reading used books (over 120,000 volumes) to the left of the main entrance. The winding hallway, that symbolizes a “bookworm,” is lined with 32 steel bookshelves. On the right is ▴the space for reading the books published by independent publishers (over 2,130 books), ▴the exhibition space containing books donated by celebrities (over 10,600 books) ▴an academic space for performance, talks, and market, and ▴a book cafe.

    For more information about Seoul Book Bogo, visit the official website (http://www.seoulbookbogo.kr/front/) or contact the Knowledge & Culture Department of Seoul Library (+82-2-2133-0206, 0207).

    The Opening of Seoul Book Bogo in Seoul
    【Panorama of Seoul Book Bogo】 【Main Entrance】
    【Space for Displaying and Selling Used Books】 【Donated Books】
    【Books by Independent Publishers】 【Academic Space】