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  • Lantern of Hope Festival in Four Major Tourist Zones of Seoul

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    The Seoul Lantern Festival, which had been held along the Cheonggyecheon Stream every year, will be taking place in four tourist zones (Itaewon, Jamsil, Dongdaemun, and Myeong-dong) of Seoul that have been severely struck by COVID-19, under the altered title of “Lantern of Hope Festival.”

    The Seoul Lantern Festival was one of the representative winter festivals in Seoul that attracted more than 2.5 million tourists every year for 11 years since 2009. This year, considering the circumstances, the event will take place in a small-scale, dispersed, walk-through method, rather than the usual large-scale, visitor-attracting method.

    Reflecting the results of big data, the event this year will be held in Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Jamsil, and Myeong-dong, where the damages caused by COVID-19 have been the greatest. The new title of the event, “2020 Lantern of Hope Festival in Seoul’s Tourist Zones,” well expresses its purpose.

    While the “Lantern of Hope Festival” will maintain the original identity of the Seoul Lantern Festival displaying lanterns made of hanji (traditional Korean paper), the lanterns of hope will be characterized by the traits of each of the four tourist zones. They will be on display along the major streets of the tourist zones, creating photo zones and lights in the sky. The festival will be held in sequence, starting with Jamsil on Oct. 30 and then progressing to Itaewon, Dongdaemun, and Myeong-dong. It will take place for a total of 78 days, a much extended period compared to that of last year’s Seoul Lantern Festival, which was only 17 days.

    Overview of “Lantern of Hope” by Tourist Zone

    Seoul Holds 2020 SEOULIGHT Online
    Venue Period Spots Content
    Jamsil Oct. 30-Nov. 6
    (8 days)
    Walking trail of Seokchon Lake (East)
    (northern tip)
    ① Title Lantern: SEOUL foliage-concept
    ② Theme Lantern: Character of Songpa-gu
    ③ Paper lanterns in the shapes of foliage and fallen leaves displayed in the air
    ④ Paper lanterns of the animal band and fish on display
    Itaewon Nov. 4-Dec. 31
    (58 days)
    World Food Street,
    Vietnam Qui Nhon Street
    ① Title Lantern: SEOUL “Itaewon Class” concept
    ② Theme Lantern: Hero of “Itaewon Class”
    ③ Paper lanterns of food and landmarks displayed in the air
    ④ Paper lanterns of traditional Vietnamese hats displayed in the air
    Dongdaemun Fashion Town Nov. 6-Nov. 15
    (10 days)
    In front of Doota Mall in Dongdaemun ① Title Lantern: SEOUL fashion-concept
    ② Theme Lantern: Heunginjimun Gate
    ② Installation of Shadow Photo Zone
    Myeong-dong Nov. 13, 2020-Jan. 15, 2021
    (64 days)
    In front of Myeong-dong Theater, in front of Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center ① Title Lantern: SEOUL Christmas-concept
    ② Theme Lantern: Christmas tree
    ③ Hana Bank-sponsored lanterns on display
    ④ Singapore Tourism Board-sponsored lanterns on display
    Seoul Holds 2020 SEOULIGHT Online
    Jamsil Itaewon Dongdaemun Myeong-dong