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    In case you are planning a trip to Seoul, heres a review of KTOs Seoul Walking Tour Application.
    Hi everyone!

    Im sort of back!!, Ive been pretty busy lately, working, planning, catching up on some sleep, studying Korean and well, doing some research online, as you know I still have plans of going back to Korea but this time my sister is coming with me, yay!!!!, we traveled just the 2 of us for the first time last year when we visited Italy and it went better than expected :

    We are both very different, but so alike at the same time, the only day we spent appart in Florence we ended up doing almost the EXACT same things just in different order, Im pretty excited to go to Korea with her and show her some of the amazing things Ive seen/done and to do new things I didnt have time to do before like Jeju Island!!!, but the 1st thing is… SEOUL!

    I got so excited that I didnt know where to start, until I found the App Seoul Walking Tour, created by the KTO Korean Tourism Organization, you know its going to be good when is created by the KTO.

    1st of all, its totally User friendly, there are only 5 options………
    Click on the link for more!