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  • Korea’s”Bright Town” Myeong-Dong

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    Myeong-Dong means “Bright Town” Because of its all lighting sign boards ! I got a chance to visit Myeong-Dong last November where winter was at the Doorstep of Korea.The Temp. was around 2 degrees yeah it was freezing cold as just before my arrival it had snowed a bit in morning! Myeong-Dong its just a shoppers heaven !!Girls are going to be in an world of beauty products heaven you just have to enter any shops or mall I am sure that you just can’t be satisfied until your hand’s are over full with bags but one thing is important must carry a lot of cash for it.There is no need to worry about any language barriers as there are many shop have English speaking persons to help you out.In a shopping block radius of few streets will feel as if going round & round at the same place because there are at least 5 of each big Korean names cosmetic’s brand shops in proximity close to each other. This are just shops but there are huge shopping mall’s such as Lotte fit-in, Shinsegae department store,Migliore, H&M,Zara,Noon Square & M Plaza. Thanks to the Seoul City Government for making it a cars free area so that pedestrian can walk freely ! It was declared a Special Tourism Promotion Area In March 2000 !! Myeongdong also has a stop of the official Seoul’s City Tour Bus main route. One thing is most fascinating about the cosmetic shops that they give you a free sample to try out that not a pack at but there itself. There is so much competition for each stores so they keep a employ out of there stores standing on the streets to encourage people to come in there stores & have a look even in chilly winters tough job!! Even Korean Cosmetic Brands have the K-POP effect as the have appointed many K-pop stars as there brand ambassador ! If you don’t get any stores or keep circling the streets with no clue where you are… Just search for the red jacket & Cap with a Exclamation mark on it they are the person you need the most right now.As they are the tourist guide with all the