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  • Korea’s First Botanical Park, “Seoul Botanic Park,” Officially Opens May 1

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    Seoul Botanic Park
    Plant Culture Center (Greenhouse + Educational & Cultural Space)
    Lake Garden Botanic Garden (Medicative Garden)
    Greenhouse (Mediterranean Zone) Greenhouse (Tropical Zone Skywalk)

    Seoul’s first botanical park, Seoul Botanic Park, will officially open its doors on May 1 after concluding its trial operation.
    All zones of the greenhouse (Tropical and Mediterranean Zones) that were closed for two months from March 2019 due to inside supplementation will be open to the public starting at 9:30 a.m. on May 1. The “Marsh Park,” one of the four sections of the garden (Forest Field, Botanic Garden, Lake Garden, Marsh Park), that was previously closed due to preparatory work will open on the same day, allowing for full use of the entire 504,000 ㎡ area.

    The garden’s currently-owned 3,100 types of plants will be expanded to 8,000 types to actively collect plants and actively promote institutional exchange, research, and propagation with the goal of becoming Korea’s representative city-type botanical garden.

    The greenhouse will feature the Victoria lily that was first discovered by the Amazon River, a wild tree that grows in Queensland, Australia, an olive tree brought in from Spain, and other rare plants that are difficult to find in Korea and that are also in line with the exhibition concept of plants from twelve cities around the world.

    Seoul Botanic Park is a “Botanical Garden + Park” within a space that is the first to be introduced in the country under the concept of an organic fusion of “park” and “botanical garden.”

    The four spaces of the garden include the ▴Forest Field, ▴ Botanic Garden, ▴Lake Garden, and ▴Marsh Park. Starting from the opening day on May 1, the Theme Garden will be in operation from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for a small fee, and the park areas (Forest Field, Lake Garden, Marsh Park) will be open year-round (24 hours) at no charge. The Botanic Garden can be accessed at KRW 5,000 for adults, KRW 3,000 for teens, and KRW 2,000 for children.

    The Botanic Garden can be accessed
    Category Cost (KRW) Additional Comments
    Children: ages 6-12
    Teens: ages 13-18
    Adults: ages 19-65
    Groups: more than 30 people entering at the same time with same intent

    Through Seoul Botanic Park, the city plans to ▴develop plant culture, ▴take the lead in plant diversification research, ▴establish a citizen-participatory park culture, and ▴realize the value of a growing botanical garden.

    General botanical gardens aim for plant research and preservation, but Seoul Botanic Park considers the improvement of plant culture in citizens’ lives as an important project and plans to focus on providing citizens various experiences related to plants.

    Seoul Botanic Park website: botanicpark.seoul.go.kr