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  • Korean wedding No. 2

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    Lousy me was unable to blog last night after getting home from Sokcho but I’m here now! I met DaeJun and his wife almost a year ago in Mexico city, I met them when they were still daiting^^, we only met once but kept in contact on Facebook, we’ve been meaning to meet since we arrived in Korea but for some reason it didn’t happen and a couple of months ago I was invited to their wedding(btw, they got married in Mexico about a month after I met them). The wedding was held in Sokcho, about 3 hours away from Seoul and we were actually invited to spend the weekend there, I was looking for to spend a couple of days there but due to Oppa’s sis’ wedding and compromises on monday we had decided not to go :( but Daejun messaged me and insisted me to go, he said a free bus would pick us up in Seoul and the same bus would take us back on sunday, he said we should go because there would be Free drinks and FREE food!!!(his words!), I was going to go with my sister and after getting Daejun’s approval we decided to invite our friend Sally. click to continue reading…