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    Your Korean Name is Ready! Korean Names for Non-Koreans Winner Announcement

    Seoul Metropolitan Government held an event in celetration of Hangeul Day (October 9). For the first application period from October 1 to 2, more than 240 people from all over the world including 52 countries applied to get Korean names.
    We selected a total of 11 people out of those who sent us special stories through reviews by the committee of Hangeul associations.

    <A list of the first event(October 1~2) winners>

    Benjam** Ho** (hon***@outlook.com) -> 너른*찬
    Valent** (gor***@yandex.ru) -> 가온*별
    Camil** Boisv*** Ko (Cam***@gmail.com) -> 고*결
    Debor** Lyn** (deb***@hotmail.com) -> 채울*라
    Silv** Rome** (sil***@hotmail.com) -> 라온*련
    Alessand** Frego** (end***@gmail.com) -> 송*울
    Tsuka** Me** (meg***@gmail.com) -> 누리*란
    Samu** Potv** (car***@yahoo.ca) -> 금*찬
    Lep*** Mar** (Mar***@gmail.com) -> 태*란
    Col** Dow*** (ced***@gmail.com) -> 호*빛
    Hele** Dow*** (hcd***@gmail.com) -> 호*솔

    For those selected above, we will send an e-mail to them with the information on their Korean names and the images of their Korean names written by the Mayor of Seoul, Park Wonsoon. The announcement of the winners who applied on Oct. 1-31 was planned on November 20, but it is delayed to the first week of December since the committee review meeting has been postponed. We apologize for the delay and not informing it in advance. The winners who applied on Nov. 1-30 will be announced by the end of December. We will announce the winners via e-mail.

    In considering the keen interest, the city has extended the application deadline to December 7. Anyone interested in having their own Korean name can apply through the link until December 7: https://bit.ly/2rAVbow

    <A list of the second event(October 7~31) winners>

    Владис*** Ли (Leeg****@gmail.com) -> 나은*찬
    Hrun** Aliaksand** (kosa****@naver.com) -> 고은*리
    Han** babik** Elhusse** Shaa Eld** (Hana****@gmail.com) -> 하나*란
    Uyam** Eljona** (saha****@gmail.com) -> 우*해
    Carol*** Daia** Antonel** Cast** (asim****@hotmail.com) -> 아름*솜
    Mohs** Al-Mehd** (mohs****@hotmail.com) -> 다이*라
    Veri** Fa*** (disc****@yahoo.com) -> 누리*든
    Aka** Sin** (akas****@gmail.com) -> 김나*찬
    Pauli** Cabe** (pcab****@uc.cl) -> 서로*연
    Ami** Rey** Pasc*** (amie****@gmail.com) -> 다온*찬

    <A list of the third event(November 1~30) winners>

    Jennif** Ezeonyea** (ejen****@gmail.com) -> 하늘*린
    Zh*** Miao** (m512****@gmail.com) -> 별*루
    Rey** Nun** Amezqui** (reyn****@icloud.com) -> 다움*예
    No** Placz** (noah****@gmail.com) -> 이음*솔
    Keertha** Sivaling** (keer****@gmail.com) -> 길*울
    Ro** Dy** Cahy*** (rosi****@outlook.com) -> 다정*솔
    Kuriya** Yo** (y_y_****@knd.biglobe.ne.jp) -> 누리*라
    Iv* Mikuland** (miku****@gmail.com) -> 금빛*온
    Clar* Benit** (clam****@hotmail.com) -> 나은*린
    Dami** Kuszews** (dami**@kuszewski.com.pl) -> 가온*랑

    <A list of the fourth event(December 1~7) winners>

    Che* Xiny*** (eric****@gmail.com) -> 하늘*빛
    Sabin* Nol** (widd****@hotmail.de) -> 아리*솔
    Ima** Agss** (Iman****@gmail.com) -> 모두*련
    Mar** Claudi** (mari****@gmail.com) -> 아름*지
    Madis** Gilb*** (Madi****@gmail.com) -> 이음*란
    Caroli** Sundberg-Down** (caro****@btinternet.com) -> 아울*지
    Alexand** Tischh*** (alex****@gmx.at) -> 누리*찬
    Alic** Tu** (atur*@sabanciuniv.edu) -> 하라*별
    S Jarje** Ul Hass** (sydj****@gmail.com) -> 하나*든
    App** M** Tendenc** (appl****@gmail.com) -> 두루*인