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Korean language lesson

  • Korean language lesson #8

  • Korean language lesson SMG 2564
    Hello everyone! I’m Kris, with a K. And today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite parts of Korean culture: the “jjimjilbang”. So that “bang” means room, and there’s many “bangs” in Korea. “Pissibang”, the computer room, “noraebang”, the room where you sing, the karaoke room, and “jjimjilbang”. There are so many great things in a “jjimjilbang”. It’s like a little city inside the “jjimjilbang”. There’s a sauna, a restaurant. There’s a video game room, there’s a massage room, you can get a haircut, you can sleep. You can even sleep! Can you believe that? Wow! The “jjimjilbang” is amazing. I’m going to tell you guys how to enjoy a “jjimjilbang”, okay? Let’s go!
    Alright, when you go into a “jjimjilbang”, they’re going to give you clothes and a key. You put your shoes in the locker. And then you’re supposed to take off your clothes and take a shower. You need to shower, get clean, before you go into the sauna because, you know, you’re naked in a sauna you got to be clean. Alright, so when you get in the area with men and women together, there are many special rooms. So many special rooms, including the “hanjeungmak”. The “han-jeung-mak”. It’s like a super hot oven. It’s not too hot, you can survive, but it’s really really hot. They give you a burlap sack, sometimes, and you go and sit on the sack and you just sweat and talk and sweat and talk sweat and talk. You can time yourself with an hourglass, for like five minutes. If you’re in there for longer than five minutes, it gets really really hard to stand. So, stay in there not too long. Okay, another room is the “sogeumbang”, “sogeumbang”, salt room. Salt is apparently good for your body, yeah. Many good things about salt, so you go in this really hot room and you sit on a bed of salt, really big salt crystals, and you just relax and sweat and sweat and sweat. The “jjimjilbang” is all about sweating. The more you sweat, the better, okay? Get rid of those toxins, all those bad toxins in your body and you will feel so refreshed.
    Okay, you sweat out all the toxins, so now you can go to the “eoleumbang, eoleumbang, eoleumbang”. Ice room, Ice room. It really is full of ice. It’s like a refrigerator. Really, really cold. So, you can cool off in the “eoleumbang”. And then come out, what do you need? A snack. A snack. So many great snacks in the “jjimjilbang”. My favorites are “sikhye”, that delicious sweet rice drink, “sikhye, sikhye”. Super good. Okay, you had your snack, and now you’re going to go to nappy time, go to sleep. “Sumyeonsil, Sumyeonsil”. It means like the sleeping room. “Sumeyon”, Sleeping, “sil”, room. Sleeping room. People sleep in the “jjimjilbang”, yeah. Separately. Don’t go in the women’s room if you’re a man, and vice versa. There’s like a women’s sleeping room and a men’s sleeping room. Don’t mix, be careful, and you can spend the night in a “jjimjilbang” for only like 10 000- 15000 won. What a deal!
    So guys, that’s how I enjoy the “jjimjilbang”, you should try it. Go for it, be brave. Yeah, don’t be shy, just do it. If you do it, you’ll have fun and you’ll get to enjoy a whole new culture. It’s like a whole new world in the “jjimjilbang”. Next time we’ll talk about a different culture or some different expressions and words, so you guys can wait for that. And in the meantime, enjoy. Go to the “jjimjilbang”. You can do it! Alright guys, that’s all. I’ll see you next time. Later, bye. Camera off, shut it off.