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Korean language lesson

  • Korean language lesson #7

  • Korean language lesson SMG 2522
    Hi everyone! I’m Kris, I’m back. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things: chicken. I love chicken. Big chickens, small chickens, fat chickens, thin chickens. Chicken! I mean come on! Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken. And who does chicken better than Korea? Right here in Korea. Chicken is amazing. Oh my gosh, they have so many kinds of chicken. Alright, let’s get started. We’re going to talk about chicken in Korea. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go.
    Alright, Koreans like late-night snacks. I like late-night snacks, too. We call them “yasik”. “Yasik. Yasik”. Late-night, “ya”. “Sik”, food, “bap”. Late-night food, “yasik”. And what’s a better “yasik” than chicken and beer. Oh yeah! The perfect combo: chicken and beer. And we call that “chimaek”. “Chimaek”. Chicken, Maekju, together. One word, Chimaek. Beautiful, huh? So the basic chicken order in Korea is spicy sauce, you know, the red spicy sauce, and then plain fried chicken. Usually you get “banban”, half and half. “Banbanieyo”, half and half. So, “yangnyeom”, that’s the spicy sauce, “yangnyeom”, and fried is “peuraideu” in Korean. “Peuraideu”. So, “yangnyeom ban peuraideu ban juseyo. Yangnyeom ban peuraideu ban juseyo. Yangnyeom. Peuraideu. Yangnyeom. Peuraideu. Banban, half and half”. Pretty simple, huh! That’s how you do it. That’s how you eat chicken, baby, right here in Korea. Oh yeah! Okay, so beyond that, beyond the “yangnyeom and peuraideu”, the spicy sauce and fried chicken, we have other kinds. We have “ganjang”, ooh “ganjang”. Soy sauce, soy sauce fried chicken. And then my personal favorite, “maneul, maneul chicken”. Garlic chicken, baby, garlic chicken. “Maneul, maneul chicken”. So, you guys can order that, too, if you get, you know, “han mari, du mari, se mari”, one chicken, two chickens, three chickens, four chickens, more. I love chicken. And beyond the chicken, there’s one more thing. We’ve got the “chimaek”, that’s chicken and maekju, chicken and beer. We also have “chiso”. Do you know “chiso”? “Chimaek” is chicken and beer. “Chiso” is …yeah okay, you guys got it, chicken and soju! Do people really do that, chicken and soju? It’s becoming more popular. Chicken and soju. Soju is like the basic traditional alcohol of Korea. Just the everyday-man’s alcohol, soju. Personally, I like “chimaek” more, but you guys can try it and let me know what you think. Yeah, be adventurous and have fun with chicken. Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken. Okay, I’ll stop. Sorry about that guys. Okay guys, I had fun. I hope you had fun too. Go out there and enjoy the chicken. Alright, I’ll see ya. See you next time. Yeah. Shut off the camera. Now. Chicken, chicken. Okay, see you later.