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Korean language lesson

  • Korean language lesson #6

  • Korean language lesson SMG 2406
    Hey everyone, ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls. I’m back, Kris. Korean. Woo hoo, we love Korean. Today we’re going to learn about how to be polite. How to be polite. I’m a polite guy, right? Say yes. I’m polite, say yes. Just kidding. Okay guys, how to be polite to Koreans, or anybody, on the street in Korean. Or on the bus, on the subway, etcetera, etcetera. “Deung, deung” is etcetera, etcetera in Korean, by the way. “Deung, deung, deung, deung”. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. “Deung, deung, deung, deung”. Keep that in mind. Alright, you guys ready?
    Alright, we’re on the street and we need to get somewhere really, really fast. But there’s a ton of people in our way. So many people. Person, person, person, person. It’s like an obstacle course. So, we don’t just want to push them out of the way. That’s super rude. Yeah, only idiots do that. You’re going to be polite. “Excuse me, excuse me. Jamsimanyo, jamsimanyo. Jinagalgeyo, jinagalegeyo. Jamsimanyo”. So “jinagalgeyo” is I’ll pass, but you don’t need to say that. You can just say, “jamsimanyo”. Okay, “jamsimanyo, jamsimanyo, jamsimanyo”. You don’t have to push them. Don’t push them. Just say, “jamsimanyo”. Okay? “Jamsimanyo, jamsimanyo jamsimanyo”. Say that one thousand times, okay.
    Alright, we’re in an elevator now. Elevator, lots of people in the elevator. The doors opened. It’s kind of awkward, right? Who should go first? Me? Him? Who? Let the other people go first, “meonjeo gaseyo. Meonjeo gaseyo. Meonjeo gaseyo. Go first, go ahead”. “Go ahead. Meonjeo gaseyo. Meonjeo gaseyo”. Just try it like this in Korean, and everybody will like you. I mean nobody will hate you. Beautiful culture, try it in the elevator. Okay? We’ll go on to the next expression.
    Alright, we’re sitting on the bus. Everything’s cool. An old lady gets on the bus, but there’s no seats. It’s a full packed bus. So, what do we have to do? Give your seat up. You can do it, be a man, or a woman. Alright? Get up, and you can look at her and say, “yeogi anjeuseyo. Halmeoni”. You don’t have to say “halmeoni”, just hey, hi. Don’t say “hi”, just say “yeogi anjeuseyo. Yeogi anjeuseyo. Yeogi anjeuseyo. Anjeuseyo”. And smile. And then just stand. You can do it because you are a young tough person, right? Yeah.
    Alright guys, how was it? “Jamsimanyo. Meonjeo gaseyo. Yeogi Anjeuseyo.” Got it? Just four simple expressions that will make your life a lot easier in Korea. And will give everybody their love, their beautiful love. Spread love, baby. Spread it. You can do it! Alright guys, it’s over. I’ll see you next time, alright?