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Korean language lesson

  • Korean language lesson #5

  • Korean language lesson SMG 2289
    Hello everyone! Welcome back, I’m Kris. Hi, hi, yeah. Korean with Kris. If you’re in Korea, what’s a good idea? I’ll tell you what’s a good idea. Making Korean friends, you know. I think making Korean friends is the best possible way to learn Korean naturally and have a good time in Korea. And they’ll let you know the ropes of Korean life. So, today we’re going to talk about how to make Korean friends. How to score some major points when you meet a Korean for the first time. Okay? Are you ready? We’re going to get started right now. Let’s go!
    Alright, I met a Korean. Let’s say it’s a man around my age, maybe a little older but, you know, no more than 10 years older. I’m really happy to meet him, and I want to become friends. I’m a friendly guy and I want a Korean friend. But he asked me, “Hey do you speak Korean? Hangukmal hal jul alayo?”. Just say this, “Jogeum hal jul alayo. Jogeum”. If “jogeum hal jul alayo” is too long, “jogeum, jogeum”. Or say it a little like you can’t speak Korean, “Cho—geum, cho—geum hal jul alayo. Cho—geum”. And then he’ll be like okay this guy has no idea what he is doing, but he’s trying okay. At least he’s trying. We’ll applaud that. Good job, good job. Okay, so you guys can do that, right? “Jogeum, jogeum hal jul alayo. Hangukmal hal jul alayo? Hangukmal hal jul alayo? Jogeum, jogeum hal jul alayo”. Okay? Good, we’re good. Let’s go to the next expression.
    “Naiga eotteokgae doeseyo? Naiga eotteokgae doeseyo? Naiga eotteokgae doeseyo? How old are you? How old are you?”. It might be rude to ask that question at first meeting, well it is where I am from, but it’s common here in Korea. You know, age is really sensitive, even if they’re just one year apart. Sometimes even less than a year apart, like 9 months but they’re different years in school or in their workplace, they have to treat each other differently. So, just ask them their age. Do it Korean style, alright. When in Rome, when in Korea. Same thing here, okay? Do as the Koreans do. “Naiga eotteokgae doeseyo?”. That’s a good question, okay. “Jeoneun 87nyeonsaengieyo. 87nyeonsaengieyo”. From the year of birth, ‘87. I was born in 1987.Okay. So, we’ll say this guy, that I just met, this guy I want to become close with, was born in ’85. He said, “85nyeonsaengieyo. I was born in ‘85”. Oh, he’s two years older than me, “hyeong”. He’s a “hyeong”. So, what do we do? “Oh, hyeong! Dongsaeng! Hyeong! Dongsaeng!”. Do the point. “Hyeong! Dongsaeng!” Smile, okay. That establishes the relationship. Alright, the relationship is set up perfectly. He’s a “hyeong”, he’s an older brother. I’m a “dongsaeng”. And follow that up with this, “Hyeong, dongsaeng. Bap sajuseyo. Bap sajuseyo. Buy me some lunch. Buy me some lunch”. Okay, I mean in Korea, if they’re older they can treat you to a meal maybe. So, use that to your advantage. Of course, you’re going to have to treat him next time, okay? Don’t be a total mooch. Don’t do too much. Not too much. You got it? Just the right amount. You don’t want to be a mooch. No moochy. No eating and running. Alright guys, let’s go to the next expression.

    Alright, “hyeong, dongsaeng. Bap sajuseyo”. You’re going to lunch, alright. As you’re walking to the restaurant, you can put your hand on his shoulder, and say “chinhage jinaeyo. Chinhage jinaeyo”. You know, look him in the eyes, “chinhage jinaeyo. Let’s get along. Let’s get along. Let’s be friends. Let’s get along well”. Yeah, that’s what it means. “Chinhage jinaeyo. Col”. Don’t do that, “Col”. If it’s a girl, you can call her “nuna”, alright. “Nuna”. I’m a guy, she’s an older girl, two years older than me. “Nuna, chinhage jinaeyo. Nuna”. “Aegyo”, remember “aegyo”? Okay, if it’s a guy, don’t do that, no. No way. You might get hit. He might be angry, be careful. Use your best judgement, okay? I’m just giving you ideas. Alright? Whatever works for you.
    You guys got it? Alright, that’s all for today. I’ll see you next time here on Korean with Kris. We’ll just make that a name, I guess. Alright, we’re good. Cameras off. Bye, bye.