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Korean language lesson

  • Korean language lesson #10

  • Korean language lesson SMG 2786
    Hello, everyone. Welcome! Today we’re going to talk about a topic dear to my heart: Korean wedding culture. Yes, I knew nothing about Korean wedding culture until I came to Korea and learned the hard way by going to wedding after wedding and making mistake after mistake and that’s why I have a little bit of sense and I can tell you some basics. The very bare bones of Korean wedding culture. You guys ready? It’s going to be fun, and useful, I hope. Let’s go!
    Alright my friends getting married, what do we have to bring? Money, money, money. “Chukuigeum, chukuigeum”, cash gift. They call it “chukuigeum” in Korean. So prepare money, at least “oman won”. If you’re a student, maybe “samman won”. Up to “sibman won, isibman won, baekman won”, etcetera. The sky’s the limit. But, you know, be fair. So, you got to bring money. And you arrive to the “yesikjang”, alright. That’s the wedding hall. There’s two desks; one for the groom, the “sinrang”, and one for the bride, the “sinbu”. Okay, so I’m a friend of the groom, so I’m going to go to the groom side, the “sinrang” side. “Sinrang”, groom, “sinbu”, bride. So I get my money, I put it in an envelope. The envelopes, you know, on the desk, and I write my name, top to bottom “keu-ri-seu”. My name’s Kris, “keu-ri-seu”. Okay, money goes in the envelope, put it in the, you know, there’s a little thing to put it in. And you’re good. So, give your cash gift, you’re good. Now you can go say hi to your friend, the groom. So in Korea, the groom is usually standing, greeting the guests. And the bride is in her personal waiting room, yeah. Very nice waiting room, where she can take pictures with her friends, etcetera. Have snacks, you know, talk about whatever. It’s her personal waiting room. So, you’re a friend of the groom, the “sinrang”, so go say hi to the “sinrang”. Look your friend straight in the eyes and say, “gyeolhon chuckhahae. Gyeolhon chuckhahae. Congrats man, on your wedding. Congrats”. And he’ll be happy and everything will be great. So, that’s it! That’s basic Korean wedding culture. And once you finished all that, you can go and enjoy the ceremony, it’s short and simple, and then go enjoy, my favorite part, the food. Yeah, I love the wedding food. It’s great. I mean, I paid to be here. I got to eat. Yeah, get your money’s worth. Eat up, with discretion.
    Okay guys, that’s Korean wedding culture. I hope you have fun going to as many weddings as possible. Make sure to take a picture to prove you were there. Then you have proof for life that you went to your friend’s wedding, and they’ll go to your wedding and bring money. It’s give and take, it’s a beautiful culture. Alright guys, that’s all for me. I’m going to go now. We’re done, we’re done. Okay, see you later. Bye. Shut off the camera, now.