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  • Korean Air presents a new Global Advertising Campaign on a whole new scale

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    Korean Air has launched a new global advertising campaign that presents the brand on a whole new scale. Starting on September 1st, new global campaign, titled “For life on a whole new scale”, will kick off worldwide across various types of media from TV, Print, Outdoor, to digital platforms.

    One of the important aspects about the ad campaign is that it plays a significant role in promoting the city of Seoul around the world by presenting the real scene of Seoul: The Banpo Fountain Bridge that crosses over the Han River in Seoul. As such, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korean Air had meaningful discussions on a cost-sharing arrangement for a global ad, and they have agreed to participate in the cooperative advertising campaign. The co-op advertising has begun with TV commercial maintaining high exposure for Seoul city.

    Korean’s Air’s 750,000 dollar budget global creative campaign is certainly global in the scale of its making also. A collaborative team of HSAd, the mother agency in Korea, and creative production companies Velvet (Munich), IF (LA), and Open(Seoul) worked together for nearly 5 months in various stages, and filmed 7 different city landscapes, filmed the models in Bangkok, edited in Germany, rendered in Los Angeles, and mixed sounds in South Africa.

    Be on the lookout for the premier of the new Korean Air global blockbuster that will show an even more global and sexier façade of the Korean Air brand.