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  • Korea Queer Festival & Pride Parade 2015 (퀴어문화축제 & 퍼레이드)

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    It is estimated that about 20,000 ~30,000 people showed up for the month long events, and about 6,000 people actually marched in the Pride Parade. It was the largest turn out of supporters in the history of the event in Korea!!! What a great time for Korea! ^^ I went to the KQF in 2014 in Hongdae, and it was only a fraction of the size. The parade had just a few hundred people in it, and the events weren’t big at all. I’m so happy to see how much the KQF has grown in just 2 years! I think the huge turnout had to do with the Korean courts ruling that Christian, anti-gay groups trying to block the Pride Parade were considered unjust, and a blocking of freedom of speech. Many Christian groups showed up outside of the event, and setup their protests. Their goal was to drown out the sounds with drumming and loud speakers. In my opinion, that’s a very petty and un-Christian kind of thing to do. Do they really hate people so much that they will sink to the level of trying to make noise to drown out the music and laughter of happy, loving, and peaceful people? I think many people will agree that the Korean Police did a great job to barricade the event, to protect everyone inside, as well as doing a great job to keep the Christian protesters from coming inside or ruining our freedom to express ourselves. Thank you Korean Police! ^^ Anyway, please enjoy the video. Marie and I had a great time there, we met many nice people, and we were sooooo happy to see the successful and incident-free day go smoothly. ^^ This video is meant to share the love and energy from that day. There is no ill-will or negative intentions in this video. Permission was granted from many people who show up in this video. I asked first, they said “yes” and were very supportive. For further information and support, please visit these websites: Korea Queer Festival – http://www.kqfc.org 조각보 (Transgender information in Korea) – http://www.transgender.or.kr