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  • Korea Pork Cooking Experience with Foreigners Promotes Charms of Seoul

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Han-don (Korea Pork) Fund Management Board jointly hosted a “Korea Pork Sharing Event,” bringing together some 300 foreigners at Seoul Plaza from 11 am on December 18.

     Han-don recipe cooking ,Han-don sampling

    The event included various programs, including the sampling of Han-don and various Han-don recipes, a Han-don donation event, a traditional game experience event, instant photo-taking with Han-don dolls, and sweepstakes.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a survey of the favorite Korean dishes of 1,984 foreigners in September. Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) ranked first with as many as 558 of the respondents picking it as their favorite dish, with dwaejigalbi (grilled spareribs) ranking ninth. In view of these preferences, the organizers arranged an event which gave foreigners an opportunity to try their hand at cooking various recipes and sample some delicious dishes made with pork.

    During the event, participants also had an opportunity to taste recipes made with four parts of Korea pork that are not commonly served, including tenderloin wantang, sirloin sesame leave rolls, ham rice balls, and hind leg rice cake rolls. Also on the “menu” was a cooking experience event in which participants could cook pork cutlets and tteokgalbi (grilled short rib patties) on their own, and take them home. The “Han-don Sharing Event” also enabled foreign participants and citizens to take part in a performance in which they formed “balls of sharing” into a pig-shaped sculpture, and to raise funds to donate to the underprivileged.

    Foreign residents could make reservations to participate in the Korea Pork Sharing Festival through the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s English-language website at (http://english.seoul.go.kr) from December 8 to 15. However, the festival was flexibly operated to allow anyone, both nationals and foreigners, to take part and have fun together.

    In addition, foreign participants at the festival posted photos of the event and comments on their experiences in social network pages, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Facebook and YouTube pages, and promoted the lively image of people sharing the charms of rich cuisine in the Korean capital to the wider world.