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    Ive been in Korea for a couple of weeks now and finally heres my 1st post about it!

    Its no secret I love Korea, and when we decided to pack our backs an Travel the world, Korea was a MUST, after some crazy 5 weeks in Japan it was time to Fly to Korea for what would be is a VERY different kind of traveling, 1st because we are not staying for 1-2 weeks, 2nd because this isnt like Italy last year, that we got to live the Tourist life, this time we are staying a little bit longer and just enjoying the city in a more day-to-day kind of way, we are not staying in nice Hotels or even Hostels for that matter, our expenses are not being payed by someone else and we are basically on our own.

    Despite this being my 3rd time in the ROK, I cant help but to feel some pressure because Im the one who is supposed to know around and because studying Korean for a couple of months Self studying! means I speak Korean according to my sister lol.

    Bigbang welcoming us to Korea

    We arrived 18 days ago after a VERY short 2 hour flight from Japan, while we were still in Japan I was very excited about comming to Korea and it wasnt until we were leaving for the airport that I realized that we didnt still dont have ANY plans for Korea, we only knew we were staying for a long time and thats when I started to panic, not knowing exactly where are you going is nerve wrecking, but somehow arriving at Incheon seemed more natural to me than last time I was here, so, it was decided… YOLO would be the new motto, I know some of you dont like that whole YOLO thing, but when youve nothing to lose, YOLO seems to be a good way to enjoy life.
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