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  • KIST and the Seoul Museum of History Will Hold a Thematic Exhibition

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    The Seoul Museum of History (http://www.museum.seoul.kr/) and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) will hold an exhibition called, “Robots Go to the Museum” at the Seoul Museum of History between December 27 and January 15, 2012.

    Centaur, Silbot

    The event is a thematic exhibition that has been jointly organized by the Seoul Museum of History and KIST for children on the occasion of the winter holidays.

    The exhibition is dubbed, “Encountering cutting-edge science and museums,” in that robots will be displayed at a museum for the first time.

    Engkey, Maru M

    A total of 12 robots will be on display during the exhibition. They include Centaur, Korea’s first humanoid robot; Babybot, a baby robot; Maru and Ara, the world’s first network-based robots; Robokin, mannequin robots that were modeled after actor Lee Jun-ki and actress Han Chae-a; and Engkey, an English tutor robot, which made the 2010 TIME list of the world’s top 50 inventions.

    The exhibition will be a presentation on the history of robots and in Korea and their development process centered on humanoids. Visitors can examine the source of the term “robot” and the development of humanoid robots in Korea.