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  • Kimchi V2.0!

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    For some reason Ive been talking about Kimchi too much these last couple of days so I decided to Blog about it yet, again, Last year I finally visited the Kimchi Museum located in COEX, it was a must since Im such a Kimchi fan, we visited the Kimchi Museum on our 1st day in Korea for the WKB Tour back in Sept 12, dont ask me why but I like Kimchi, at least the few varieties Ive tried, I love cooking 김치전.

    A meal without Kimchi is not a meal in Korea, no matter if its International food that you are having there will be something Pickled in your table, Kimchi also contains healthful properties, Vitamins, it helps the digestion and its also helpful in preventing various types of Cancers, recently a studio showed its also helpful with Weight loss, its said that the Korean spirit is embedded in Kimchi, the care and devotion it takes to make this dish is an embodiment of the Soul of the entire Country

    Ok, so, lets talk about a few kinds of Kimchi!