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  • Kids Went to the Biggest Fireworks Festival in the World

  • Issue / Project SMG 3668
    Hello. We are Jasper’s family.
    Today we are going to challenge
    Hanwha Seoul International Fireworks Festival!
    Look, look, look!
    It’s like bugs or something. They are flying!
    Wonderful ~
    I know, I see, honey!

    It’s a beautiful night, the weather is perfect!
    There are so many people in this packed area,
    but it feels really exciting just to be here with everybody.

    Oh, those are cool.
    Jasper, which ones do you like?
    I like the blue ones!
    Green and blue, green and blue!
    Boom, boom, green and blue, buddy, green and blue!
    Oh my gosh!
    Do you see those smiley faces?
    It’s so cool~
    I know.
    Oh, it’s so beautiful!
    Blue, blue, blue, blue!
    Catch it, catch it, catch it, boom, boom, boom, boom!
    I love you.
    Look at this fireworks!
    I know, look at it! Ah, baby…

    It’s so exciting because of the fireworks.
    To see my kids experience the lights and the fireworks.
    So it feels like a really magical evening.

    Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
    Of all the things that we’ve done on this challenge,
    I really enjoyed the Lotte Seoul Sky,
    because I watched it being built for 5 years
    and it was fun to actually be in there,
    and be so high up. .

    But I would also say that this evening is really, really memorable.
    because we are leaving Seoul,
    I think has it more memorable for me.
    And has just reminded me that Seoul is a really special city.
    Just full of things to do and places to make memories,

    Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
    I just feel honored that we were able to do this and
    to have fun experiencing things through my kids’ eyes.
    Anyone who is looking for something fun to do in Seoul
    can do these Seoul challenges.

    The next Seoul Challengers is you!