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  • KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

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    KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

    KARD, a co-ed group that has taken international music charts by storm, was appointed as Seoul Global Ambassadors on July 24, 2017. KARD will be promoting the Seoul Brand ‘I·SEOUL·U’ and the city of Seoul to the world until June 2018.

    KARD will participate in various global activities to enhance the image of Seoul including dispersion of the I SEOUL U brand hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), participation in promotional events for the Seoul Brand in various cities and filming of a promotional video.

    The SMG and KARD first met at the pre-promotional video filming for Seoullo 2017, which opened on May 20, 2017. KARD released a dynamic choreography video of its third project ‘RUMOR’ in collaboration with the SMG at ‘Platform 61’ and ‘Seoullo 7017.’ The video was a great hit, recording 7.3 million views on YouTube.

    KARD Appointed as Global Seoul Ambassadors

    The SMG is preparing for the operation of the Seoul PR booth in São Paulo on Korean Culture Day, which it will host in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Seoul-São Paulo Sister City relationship. The SMG hopes to operate an Augmented Reality Zone in the booth. To that end, the SMG presented the group with letter of appointments and the members of KARD took a picture in front of the AR equipment along with Mayor Park Won-soon. When a São Paulo resident takes a picture at the AR zone, Seoul Mayor and KARD will also appear in the photo.

    KARD released its first album ‘Hola Hola’ on July 19, 2017. Their title song ‘Hola Hola’ was ranked high on iTunes charts in 31 countries. Members of KARD said, “We are honored to be appointed as ambassadors to the Seoul brand ‘I·SEOUL·U’ to promote Seoul to other countries.” They added, “We will do our best to introduce I·SEOUL·U to the world.”