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List of Global Seoul Mates

  • Kang EunJi

  • List of Global Seoul Mates SMG 1088

    I interest to suggest everything about Koreatraditional, language, culture etc. to everyone. In my bolg and twitter I use to translate about news of singer SS501 singer group of Korea from Korean to English. My blog and my twitter have many people who fanclub of singer are follow me from South east asia , Peru and another countries.And in my youtube blog I use it to cover the songs that I love totally all of Korean songs, Thai songs and English songs. Last December in 2012 I study in Korea language in Korea. Now is my vacation so I cameback to my homeBangkok,Thailand but next monthApril I will comebake to Korea again to study in next level in Korea languagu in order to study in Master Degree in Seoul National University on Next year. I can listen, speak, read and write in Korea-English-Thia language.So I think I have more ability to work with Global Seoul-Mate. And I can learn more everthing that its important to do. Thank you. I wish you appreciate me.