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  • SMG launches K-Travel Bus for Foreign Tourists

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    SMG launches K-Travel Bus for Foreign Tourists

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a K-travel Bus Tour Package on June 6, 2017. The K-travel Bus Tour Package for foreign tourists includes reliable accommodations, select tourist attractions, and tour guide services.

    The K-travel Bus Tour Package features five different routes consisting of two-day itineraries. By selecting one of the routes, passengers can visit popular tourist attractions and experience Korean culture.

    K-travel Bus itineraries consist of select programs such as Foot bath at Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine and pick-your-own fruit at Gooam Farmstay Village, Traditional Korean tea ceremony at the House of Kim Gu on Ganghwado Island, Incheon, Ski jump slopes in Gangwon-do, Wearing hanbok and learning gayageum at Nakaneupseong Walled Town in Jeollanam-do, and Hahoe mask making in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

    The SMG will develop more courses in the future. It will provide six courses in 2018 and nine courses in 2019.

    【K-travel Bus Information】

    • ○ Period: June 2017 – December 2017
    • ○ Target: Foreign tourists, foreign residents in Korea, international students, etc.
    • ○ Description: Two-day itineraries (charged services)
      – Routes (5): Seoul-Daegu, Seoul-Incheon, Seoul-Gangwon, Seoul-Jeonnam, and Seoul-Gyeongbuk (once a week)
    • ○ Reservation: Online (k-travelbus.com), by phone (82-2-365-15000), or e-mail (hanashuttle@hanatour.com)
    • ○ Prices: Prices vary depending on the routes. ($175~200) ※ Excluded: Lunch, dinner, and travel insurance
    • ○ Itineraries
      SMG launches K-Travel Bus for Foreign Tourists Itineraries
      RouteItineraryPrice (won)
      Day 1Seoul – Gwangseongbo Fortress – Lunch – Goryeo Palace Site – Ganghwa Anglican Church – House of Kim Gu – Ganghwa Peace Observatory – Dinner – Hotel195,000
      Day 2Breakfast – Dongmak Beach – Lunch – Jeondeungsa Temple – Chojijin Fort – Seoul
      DaeguDay 1Seoul – Lunch – Seomun Market – Kim Kwang Suk Road – Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine (foot bath) – Dongseongno Street – Dinner – Hotel215,000
      Day 2Breakfast – Donghwasa Temple – Palgongsan Cable Car – Lunch – Gooam Farmstay Village (pick-your-own fruit) – Seoul
      Gangwon-doDay 1Seoul – Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market – Lunch – Jumunjin Beach – Ojukheon House – Anmok Port (Coffee Street) – Dinner – Pyeongchang – Hotel200,000
      Day 2Breakfast – Ski jump slopes – Woljeongsa Temple in Odaesan Mountain – Lunch – Seoul
      Jeollanam-doDay 1Seoul – Lunch – Seomjingang Train Village (steam engine train) – Yeosu Expo (Sky Tower) – Odongdo Island – Yeosu Maritime Cable Car – Dinner – Jongpo Marine Park – Hotel220,000
      Day 2Breakfast – Suncheon Open Film Location – Nakaneupseong Walled Town – Lunch – Seoul
      Gyeongsangbuk-doDay 1Seoul – Andong Market – Lunch – Hahoe Village (Hahoetal mask making) – Dinner – Mungyeong – Hotel200,000
      Day 2Breakfast – Mungyeong – Mungyeong Ceramic Museum – Coal Museum (Monorail) – Lunch – Seoul