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  • K STAR Road to be Formed in Gangnam

  • Urban Planning News SMG 10035

    K STAR Road will be formed in Gangnam-gu, which has been drawing attention thanks to Gangnam Style, PSY’s phenomenal hit. The 1.08 ㎞ long street between Galleria Department Store and SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment in Apgujeong-dong will be designated as K STAR Road. The street will be redecorated as an urban version of a trekking course where visitors can visit places containing hallyu stories, including restaurants frequented by pop stars.

    Said project will be implemented gradually by 2015. This year, structures associated with K STAR Road will be installed initially, and then contents related to hallyu will be added. The Gangnam-Gu Office will push through with the project in collaboration with many private institutions, including Amore Pacific and J Contentree M&B. Entertainment businesses in Gangnam-gu such as SM, JYP, Cube, FNC will join the project by setting up a large media façade displaying images of hallyu stars and handprints.

    □ K STAR Road formation – 1st phase (September ~ December 2013)
    ▲ Street milestones will be attached to street lamp posts, trees lining the street, and pedestrian crossings using “K BIRD,” a symbol of K STAR Road. ▲ Signs for the designated stores will be attached to their entrances. ▲ K STAR Road passport will be provided to visitors as souvenir. ▲Photo zone benches will be provided. ▲ The SM Entertainment building, known as the birthplace of hallyu stars, will be opened to visitors once a week.

    □ K STAR Road formation – 2nd and 3rd phases (February ~ December 2014)
    ▲ Handprints of hallyu stars will be displayed in a designated place of K STAR ROAD. ▲ Relevant souvenirs will be sold. ▲ A star contents gallery will be put up in a section of the luxury goods street in Cheongdam-dong.

    ▲ A Mobile app containing information on the street will be developed to help those interested obtain the necessary information prior to their visit to the place.

    The Gangnam-Gu Office plans to develop the district as a landmark of Seoul — similar to Soho of New York and Marais of Paris — by forming K GOURMET ROAD and K FASHION ROAD in addition to K STAR Road, with focus on the local characteristics.