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  • Just one click to reserve tickets for performances and accommodations

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established a tourist information site called ‘iTour Seoul’ (www.visitseoul.net). This site offers five languages and a one-stop ticket reservation service. The performance and movie section on the website provides information on various performances and movies, as well as allowing for ticket reservations and payment by users.

    iTour Seoul service provided on the web and through the mobile web.

    The website renews its information on performances and movies every week. It is gaining popularity among foreigners as it is the country’s first service to allow foreigners to reserve tickets, as well as choose a venue and seat and pay using a credit card.

    The iTour Seoul application software can be used with the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile. And the Seoul Metropolitan Government is offering foreigners such phones containing the iTour Seoul application at the nation’s airports and the KT Roaming Center in the City Airport terminal.

    Performance and movie reservation service., Seat selection and on-line payment.

    Those who want to plan their trips would find the “Trip Planner” service on iTour Seoul very useful. The service allows individuals to tailor their tours based on the information offered by iTour Seoul. The ‘Trip Planner’ also provides transportation and map information, thereby enabling users to create a personal guide map.

    iTour Seoul is Seoul City’s official tourist web portal to help tourists from home and abroad enjoy the city in a more efficient and convenient way. The site also provides an online reservation service for accommodations, performances and movies. Detailed travel information and photos can be found on www.visitseoul.net and through the mobile web at m.visitseoul.net.