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    JUNE 2017 Cultural Events
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    Concrete Landscape
    [Seoul Metropolitan Government]
    ‘Concrete Landscape’
    Winner of the Sky Plaza Gallery Contest
    Jun 7(Wed) – Jul 7(Fri) 10:00am – 6:00pm 8F, Sky Plaza Gallery, Seoul City Hall Free An exhibition that depicts the uncertain concept of ‘memory’ in the cold, artificial atmosphere of the concrete landscape of the modern city using familiar spaces such as a playground or amusement park homepage buttom
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    Seoul Together[Citizens Hall]
    Seoul Together
    Apr 7 (Fri) – Jun 9 (Fri)
    9:00am – 9:00pm
    City Gallery Free An exhibition that explains the policies set forth by the sixth popular election in Seoul. Understand Seoul through various experiences and looking at pictures of the city homepage buttom
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    The 19th Seoul Drum Festival
    The 19th Seoul Drum Festival
    Jun 2 (Fri)
    7:00pm – 10:00pm
    Jun 3 (Sat)
    12:00pm – 10:00pm
    Gyeonghuigung Palace Free A non-verbal performance and arts festival for all to enjoy under the concept of percussions homepage buttom
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    Envoy - Hidden Meaning[Sejong Center]
    Envoy – Hidden Meaning
    May 19 (Fri) – Jun 11 (Sun)
    Tue, Fri 7:30pm
    Wed, Thu 2:00pm
    Sat 3:00pm, 7:00pm
    Sun & Holidays 3:00pm
    Sejong M Theater R: KRW 50,000
    S: KRW 30,000
    A: KRW 20,000
    An original musical created in 2017 by the Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre. The work sheds new light on the life of Lee Wi-jong, a young secret envoy who devoted his life to the independence movement. homepage buttom
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    Taste of Gugak[Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater]
    Taste of Gugak
    Jun 9 (Fri) – Jul 1 (Sat)
    Fri 8:00pm
    Sat 5:00pm
    Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater KRW 20,000 A performance of traditional music by masters homepage buttom
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    Community Art:Hello[Buk Seoul Museum of Art]
    Community Art:Hello
    Apr 4 (Tue) – Jun 25 (Sun)
    Tue – Fri
    10:00am – 8:00pm
    Weekends & Holidays
    *Operation of Night Museum
    First and third Fridays
    Last Wednesday
    (Culture Day)
    1F, Buk Seoul Museum of Art Free An exhibition that seeks to communicate and promote a sustainable relationship with the local community by conducting research on northern Seoul and building a relationship with the local community homepage buttom
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    Namdaemun Market[Seoul Museum of History]
    Place where all things gather and scatter:
    Namdaemun Market
    Apr 21 (Fri) – Jul 2 (Sun)
    Tue – Fri
    9:00am – 8:00pm
    Weekends & Holidays
    9:00am – 7:00pm
    Special Exhibition Room A Free An exhibition that shows the identity of Seoul by focusing on Namdaemun Market, the leading traditional market in Seoul homepage buttom
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    Shisei Kuwabara Photo Exhibition[Cheong Gye Cheon Museum]
    Shisei Kuwabara Photo Exhibition
    Apr 28 (Fri) – Jul 30 (Sun)
    Tue – Sun
    9:00am – 7:00pm
    Special Exhibition Room Free A photo exhibition that presents pictures of Cheonggyecheon Stream taken by documentary photographer Shisei Kuwabara. homepage buttom
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    Rose Garden Festival[Grand Seoul Park]
    Rose Garden Festival
    May 27 (Sat) – Jun 11 (Sun)
    09:00am – 7:00pm
    Theme Garden Grand Seoul Park Adults KRW 2,000
    Teens KRW 1,500
    Children KRW 1,000
    Love at the Rose Garden!
    A themed garden that features the 4th Rose Garden photography visit, props rental shop for picture-taking, magic show and Rose & Love Concert.
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    Cheonggyecheon Used Book Street Festival[Seoul Metropolitan Library]
    Cheonggyecheon Used Book Street Festival
    Jun 1 (Thu) – 2 (Fri)
    12:00pm – 8:00pm
    Jun 3 (Sat)
    11:00am – 6:00pm
    DDP Design Street Free Not ‘used books’ but
    ‘old books’ that enrich life.
    Merging of used book stores at Cheonggyecheon Stream and pop art!
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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/15/2017 (10:53 오전)

    Events and exhibitions relating to Korean history and royal culture like traditional Korean music performances, photo exhibitions, traditional food tasting, reenactment performances depicting lives of the Joseon royals, and cultural experiential programs are held at four major palaces in Seoul .