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Monthly Event Calendar

  • June 2015 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 2372


    Event Dates Venue Description Admission Contact
    Vitamin Concert Jun. 5 (Fri) – Jun. 26 (Fri)
    Every Friday 12:45-13:15, (No concert on Jun. 19 (Fri))
    Seoul Medical Center,1st Fl. Lobby – Jun. 5 (Fri): Grassroots activist music

    – Jun. 12 (Fri): Orchestra performance

    – Jun. 26 (Fri): Choral performance

    One night, two days: KRW 10,000
    One day: KRW 5,000
    [Gansong Culture 4]Plum Blossom, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, and Bamboo—The Aroma of Seonbi (Korean classical scholars) Jun. 4 (Thu) – Aug. 30 (Sun) DDP, Museum 2nd Fl. Design Museum Showcases a video exhibition of about 70 paintings of the “Four Gentlemen (Plum Blossom, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, and Bamboo)” by Chusa Kim Jeong-hui, Danwon Kim Hong-do, Hyeondae Sim Sa-jeong, and other prominent artists from the Joseon Dynasty as well as video art by media artists
    Adults: KRW 8,000
    Students: KRW 6,000
    Print Collection—Reflecting the Times May 19 (Tue) – Aug. 23 (Sun)
    Weekdays: 10:00-20:00
    Weekends: 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
    Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Photo Gallery 1, 2 Showcases selected prints held by SeMA to allow viewers to explore the trend of Korean prints from the 1980s and 90s
    Free 02-2124-5269
    Sound Gallery Healing Project “Mind”—First half of the year “Light Green Leaves in Sunlight” Mar. 13 (Fri) – Jul. 12 (Sun)09:00~21:00 Citizens Hall, Sound Gallery(B1) An exhibition of media art installations based on a nature theme that people can appreciate while breathing in the aromas of various plants and enjoying nature in the middle of the city. Visitors can also participate in the “Send a Healing Card” program and “Mind Apothecary.” Free 02-739-5811
    Sejong Art Market “So So” Apr. 18 (Sat) – Jun. 20 (Sat) First and third Saturdays of each month Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Outdoor Public Art Garden Showcases drawings, illustrations, design products, photographs, and other artworks from the daily lives of the people free 02-399-1077
    Rose Festival May 23 (Sat) – Jun. 23 (Tue) Night Admission begins at 9pm every night Seoul Grand Park Theme Garden Have a “rosy” time at the Rose Garden! Enjoy a variety of programs, including a photography outing (photo contest), Run Piano, Rose Garden Dance Hall, and many more. Admission for the Theme Garden (Adults: KRW 3,000, Students: KRW 2,000, Children: KRW 1,000) 02-500-7243
    Esprit Dior—The Spirit of Dior Jun. 20 (Sat) – Aug. 25 (Tue) 10:00-18:00 Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Art Hall 1 Showcases Dior’s past works and Raf Simons’ current designs, highlighting the unique history of Dior Free 02-2153-0000
    Heojun Museum, June “Dongui Bogam—A Mirror of Eastern Medicine,” Weekend Creative Experience Jun. 13 (Sat), Jun. 21 (Sun), Jun. 27 (Sat) 10:00-12:00 Heojun Museum, AV Room – Jun. 13 (Sat): Dongui Bogam Making Session (KRW 6,000)

    – Jun. 21 (Sun): Guseonwangdogo Tteok (Rice Cake) (Family: KRW 12,000)

    – Jun. 27 (Sat): Dongui Bogam Bookcase (KRW 8,000)
    Differs by program 02-3661-8686
    Chu Ga-yeoul’s Healing Talk Concert Jun. 24 (Wed) 14:00 Yeongdeungpo Art Hall Auditorium A concert by Chu Ga-yeoul, a major Korean folk musician, including his hit songs, such as “Don’t Go Away,” “Happy,” and “Life Like a Picnic,” played on acoustic guitar. VIP Seat: KRW 40,000
    Standard Seat: KRW 30,000