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    JUNE 2017 Cultural Events
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    Concrete Landscape
    [Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater]
    Nap Concert
    Jul 11(Tues) – Aug 11(Fri)
    Tues – Fri2:00pm
    Performance Hall (B2) KRW 10,000 A day performance that provides healing and rest to busy Seoulites through gugak music homepage buttom
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    Seoul Together[Seoul Museum of Art]
    Highlights: Exhibition of the Collection of the Foundation Cartier
    May 30 (Tues) – Aug 15 (Tues)
    Tues – Fri
    Weekends & Holidays
    * Operation of night museum
    Second and Last Wednesday
    (Culture Days)
    Seosomun Main Building Free An exhibition that introduces the major collection of FONDATION CARTIER POUR L’ART CONTEMPORAIN that is well-known for its creative commissions homepage buttom
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    The 19th Seoul Drum Festival[Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture] Selfie People Taking Their Own Pictures Apr 26(Wed) – Aug 4(Fri)
    (Last admission at 6:00pm)
    Savina Museum KRW 5,000 An exhibition in various formats that explore the self-portrait of 21st century people homepage buttom
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    Envoy - Hidden Meaning[Seoul Museum of History]
    Place where all things gather and scatter: Namdaemun Market
    Apr 21 (Fri) – Jul 2 (Sun)
    Tue – Fri
    Weekends & Holidays
    Special Exhibition Room A Free An exhibition that confirms the identity of Seoul through illuminating the history of Namdaemun Market, one of Seoul’s leading traditional markets homepage buttom
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    Taste of Gugak[DDP]
    PIXAR: 30 Years of Animation
    Apr 15 (Sat) – Aug 8 (Tue)
    10:00am – 9:00pm
    Design Exhibition Hall, DDP Museum Children KRW 9,000
    Teens KRW 11,000
    Adults KRW 13,000
    Seniors aged 65 or above KRW 6,000
    A special exhibition of Pixar’s 30 years of history since 1986 homepage buttom
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    Community Art:Hello[DDP]
    Hunminjeongeum and Nanjungilgi
    : View again
    Apr 13 (Thurs) – Oct 12 (Thurs)
    Tue – Thurs 10:00am-7:00pm
    Fri – Sat 10:00am-9:00pm
    Sun & Holidays
    2F, Design Museum, DDP Museum Adults KRW 10,000 Students KRW 8,000
    Student Group (40%)
    KRW 6,000
    An exhibition featuring ‘Hunminjeongeum with Explanation,’ a UNESCO-designated memory of the world, facsimile of ‘General Yi’s Journal’ and 20 something other relics homepage buttom
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    Namdaemun Market[DDP]
    2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
    Mar 24 (Fri) – Oct 28 (Sat)
    Fridays & Saturdays
    DDP Palgeori Free A night market in Seoul changing the night culture of the city homepage buttom
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    Shisei Kuwabara Photo Exhibition[DDP]
    DDP Farmers Market
    Mar 25 (Sat) – Dec 30 (Sat)
    Second and Fourth Saturdays
    Oullim Square, DDP Art Hall Free A farmers market where farmers and young people communicate with people to form a healthy food culture homepage buttom
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    Rose Garden Festival[DDP] Fly, Sail, Travel – Louis Vuitton (Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton) Jun 8 (Thurs) – Aug 27 (Sun)
    Sun – Thurs 10:30am-6:30pm
    Fri, Sat & Holidays
    Art Hall 1 DDP Art Hall Free (Reservation required) An exhibition that views the journey of fashion brand Louis Vuitton by tracing its history and future vision since 1854 homepage buttom
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    Cheonggyecheon Used Book Street FestivalThe 21st Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Jul 26 (Wed) – 30 (Sun)
    SETEC (Exhibition),
    Megabox COEX
    (Film Festival)
    Free A leading event in the field of cartoon and animation in Asia.
    It is also an international event that has been officially recognized as a member festival of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) in 2005.
    homepage buttom
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