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  • Jongno’s Jewelry Business Center to be built as a hanok

  • Urban Planning News SMG 4330

    The Jewelry Business Center to be built in Jongno, as part of the special industrial zone plan, will be built as a hanok (traditional Korean house).

    The design of the center was selected in an open competition and is said to be urban in context and blend nicely with the surroundings based on the design’s hanok origin.

    Construction for the said center, a two-story building with three basements and total floor space of 725㎡, will commence in July 2015, after a six-month design period, and completed in December 2016.

    Seoul City plans to invigorate the jewelry business by providing support to the center concerning the development of a development strategy for the gem and jewelry industry, exchange of relevant information, exhibitions, etc. The center, located close to Jongmyo (Royal Ancestral Shrine), which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage, is expected to bring about synergistic effects in the attraction of tourists.

    Seoul City’s plan for development of special industrial zones also includes ▴ the Information Technology Zone in Seongsu-dong (focusing on creation of a model for win-win development of ultra-modern industries and traditional manufacturing industries) and ▴ the Design/Publishing Zone in Mapo.

    <Bird’s-Eye-view of the Jewelry Business Center>