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  • Jogyesa Temple to Take Part in the Campaign for 10% Reduction of Energy Consumption

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    Jogyesa Temple, a leading temple of the Jogye Order of Buddhism, will take part in the campaign for reducing energy consumption by 10% in an effort to put into practice Buddha’s teaching not to kill any living creature and join in the worldwide efforts to cope with climate change.

    Such step by the temple is taken to cooperate with Seoul City concerning the latter’s energy saving campaign under the slogan “Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants.” The temple plans to reduce energy consumption by 10% in 3 buildings within the temple and 25 affiliated offices outside by the end of October 31.

    Even in the past, the temple made it a rule to hold the monthly sermon session — held every first of the month (lunar calendar) — without using electric bulbs. It has also taken part in similar campaigns such as Turn off the Lights for Earth Hour on March 23 and Earth Day event held on April 22.

    Jogyesa’s decision to join in the energy saving campaign is based on the temple’s understanding of the seriousness of the energy problem and is in response to Seoul City’s efforts to disseminate awareness of such need throughout the entire society.

    In connection with the energy saving campaign participated in by Buddhist temples including Jogyesa, Seoul City will help them meet their targeted 10% energy consumption reduction by having them go through an energy consumption diagnosis by experts.

    Seoul City will provide the personnel in charge of management of the temple’s facilities with educational sessions on how to save energy, in addition to doing the following: provision of timer multi-tap for water purifier; periodic checkup of power saving, and; presentation of letter of commendation to exemplary buildings.

    Jogyesa will take positive steps to cooperate with Seoul City in the energy saving campaign by encouraging Buddhists to join in the city’s proposed eco-mileage system and holding educational sessions for them.

    Even before this, Seoul City signed agreements with the representatives of Catholic and Protestant churches at the end of last year and early this year to solicit their participation in the energy saving campaign.