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  • Job Fair for Foreign Residents

    00:00:04 Hi everyone.
    00:00:05 Today we are here at COEX,
    00:00:06 at the job fair for foreign residents.
    00:00:20 So should we go and look around?
    00:00:22 As a support policy of Seoul Metropolitan Government for foreigners looking for a job in Seoul,
    00:00:28 a variety of job information is provided in ‘Job Fair for Foreign Residents,’ where many companies participate every year.
    00:00:37 Never seen this kind of thing before.
    00:00:40 They also have image consulting.
    00:00:43 There are people having their makeup for job interview.
    00:00:48 And you can also take your picture for passport.
    00:00:57 For my picture.. I think it’s here.
    00:01:00 Oh, they came out really well.
    00:01:04 So I got so many pictures.
    00:01:07 I think it’s a really good opportunity for foreigners here
    00:01:11 who want to find a job in Korea.
    00:01:14 Because they do everything there for you
    00:01:17 to find a job, to find something that matches you.
    00:01:22 So yeah, today,
    00:01:23 I had the chance to visit
    00:01:26 the job fair for foreigners here in COEX.
    00:01:29 If you have a chance,
    00:01:30 please visit a job fair.
    00:01:33 And thank you!
    00:01:35 The ‘Job Fair for Foreign Residents’ provides foreigners with job opportunities in Korea, and allows Korean companies to recruit qualified foreign talent.
    In 2019, 77 Korean companies and multinational companies that are willing to hire foreigners participated
    and provided 1:1 on-site interview, as well as various services such as resume reviewˏ interview clinics, image consulting, makeup and photography for resumes.