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  • Jeongneungcheon Elevated Highway Reopened to Traffic

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    Jeongneungcheon Elevated Highway, part of the Seoul Inner Ring Road, was closed to traffic for repair

    Effective midnight of March 19, 2016, the Jeongneungcheon Elevated Highway, part of the Seoul Inner Ring Road, was reopened to traffic.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) reopened the 7.5km-long Jeongneungcheon Elevated Highway, which was closed to traffic as of midnight of February 22, 2016 after a serious defect was identified during the spring safety check. The reopening was two days ahead of the schedule. (☞ Go directly to press release about the said highway closed to traffic)

    The roads reopened to traffic are the section from the Seongdong Jct to Jongam Jct in the direction of Seongsan Bridge and the section from Bukbu Trunk Road Jct to Sageun Ramp in the direction of Seongsu Bridge.

    The SMG installed temporary steel piers under the elevated highway for safety while replacing the impaired tendons, a task that was completed by March 16, 2016.

    Between March 9 and 14, 2016, the Korea Infrastructure Safety Corporation (KISC) carried out a safety inspection on the affected part of the elevated highway. After the inspection, it was held that the highway could be reopened to traffic with the temporary steel piers in place.

    The Safety Measures Committee composed of 14 experts confirmed that the highway was safe for reopening based on a maintained-load test carried out using 12 dump trucks.

    It also turned out that there was no particular problem in the joint check made by road facility experts of the entire section of the Seoul Inner Ring Road including three pre-stressed concrete (PSC) bridges (Dumo, Seoho, and Hongjecheon Elevated Bridges).

    The SMG plans to publicize the reopening of the Jeongneungcheon Elevated Highway to traffic, using variable message signs (VMSs), and other tools in cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Gyeonggi Transportation Information Center.

    The SMG will carry out an additional precision check of The PSC bridges on the Seoul Inner Ring Road by May and replace the remaining five impaired tendons by June.

    With regards to what exactly caused the impair of the tendons, the result of the investigation carried out jointly by the KISC, the Korea Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers, and the Korea Concrete Institute will be announced in June. The SMG will also come up with a way to secure systematic safety management of PSC bridges in consultation with the central government.


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