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  • Jeongdong Historical Trip in Celebration of the Lunar New Year

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    Let’s Have Fun in the Roads of the Korean Empire

    In celebration of Korea’s biggest holiday, the Lunar New Year, Seoul City has prepared an event using the Korean traditional folk game, Yut-nori, so that all citizens can approach and enjoy Jeongdong’s historical and cultural resources.

    Through this event called ‘Let’s Have Fun in the Roads of the Korean Empire’, participants will be given the opportunity not only to enjoy traditional folk games along with their family in the Lunar New Year’s Day, but also to learn about Jeongdong’s historical and cultural resources.

    To participate in this event, you only have to sign up for the Yut-nori Team after participating in the Jeongdong History Stamp Tour held from February 1 to 13, 2018.

    This Stamp Tour not only has historical meaning, but also will take participants to four of not well known places (Jungmyeongjeon Hall, Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum, Salvation Army History Museum, and the Community Chest of Korea).

    • ○ The Jungmyeongjeon Hall was constructed in 1901 as an imperial library, and was used as King Gojong’s office and reception room for foreign envoys due to the Deoksugung Palace fire in 1904.
    • ○ The Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum was used as a building of the Paichai School, which was Korea’s first modern secondary education institution.
    • ○ The Salvation Army History Museum is a 2-story brick structure finished in 1928 by the Salvation Army, which started missionary work in Korea since 1908, for purposes related to custody, charity, and social work.
    • ○ The ‘Sharing Experience Center’ is the name of an annex to the Community Chest of Korea, created in 1998 to give hope to neighbors in need.

    A Yut-nori set will be given to 100 applicants among those who participate in Jeongdong’s History Stamp Tour (‘Let’s Have Fun in the Roads of the Korean Empire’) on a first-come-first-served basis, so that they can play Yut-nori with family and friends in the Lunar New Year’s Day.

    • ○ Citizens who finish the stamp tour will receive a Yut-nori set after filling an application form and getting confirmation of the four stamps received at the four places visited in the ‘Sharing Experience Center’.
    • ○ The participants of the Stamp Tour are encouraged to check the opening hours of each place before visiting it, as the opening hours of each place vary.

    [Opening Hours and Contact Details]

    Opening Hours and Contact Details
    Facility name Opening days and hours Contact
    Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum Tuesday ~ Saturday
    (10:00 ~ 17:00)
    Jungmyeongjeon Hall
    (Deoksugung Palace office)
    Tuesday ~ Sunday
    (09:30 ~ 17:30)
    Central Hall of the Salvation Army Monday ~ Friday
    (10:30 ~ 17:30)
    Community Chest of Korea
    (Fruit of Love)
    Monday ~ Saturday
    (09:00 ~ 18:00)

    Let’s Have Fun in the Roads of the Korean Empire