Jayang Public Healing Center Project

○ Outcome of Design Evaluation

✓Project Outline
Project NameJayang Public Healing Center Project
Ordering InstitutionPublic Structure Architecture Planning Division, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (+82-2-450-7034, mools71@gwangjin.go.kr)
Land Location17, Achasan-ro 24-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Land Area988.1 ㎡Architecture SizeB1/5F, Floor area (1,600㎡)
Design Cost164,329 (Unit: ₩1,000)
✓Outline to Design Entry
Entry MethodRestricted Open Entry.
Entry StateEntry application: 22 case, Accepted entry: 7 case
✓Ways of Evaluation
Date13:00~17:00 (Mon), 2015. 6.15.
Name (Occupation)Park Gi Ho (Gwangjin-gu Public Servant)
O Dong Hoi (Gansam Architect Office)
Kim Sun A (Studio Architect Office)
Yang Gap (Jipyung Architect Office)
Jo Ik Su (Plusumi Architect Office)
Name (Occupation)Kim Chang Hyun (local resident)
✓Evaluation Outcome
DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
Selected WorkI Dam Architect OfficeI Han IlRight of Contract
Aerial View, etc    당선작 1
Judge for Prized Work1. Flexibility as a healing center, formative stability, color, comfort appropriateness enemy2. Each silbyeol excellent facilities, such as the elderly spacing

3. Roof Garden outer space, including the availability complaints but requires preventive measures

DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
Excellence PrizeProbe Architect OfficeO Hyuck Gyn6,570 (Unit: ₩1,000)
Aerial View, etc    우수작 1
DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
Runner-upKan Architect OfficeIm Gyn Jae4,920 (Unit: ₩1,000)
Aerial View, etc    가작 1