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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • January Francisco

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1071

    My name is Jan. I am from Manila, Philippines, and believe it or not, I am a lawyer (for eleven years already! – oops wait, did I just give you a clue about my age?). Many of you would probably think that lawyers are generally serious persons who only care about winning a case or representing a client with much zeal and vigor. Well, that may be true in some respects but there are also lawyers like me who value family and work-life balance more than anything else. My daily life consists of going to work in the morning, going home and spending time with my baby, having a nightcap with my husband, and in between those, I go out with friends, I cook and bake, and I maintain this blog. I am very passionate about cooking and baking (I have a small-batch home bakery where I sell delicious baked goodies), and I also love to travel and do shopping. On top of all of these, I am in love with Seoul. I am fascinated with their culture and cuisine. I am interested about their history. And I am amazed at how effective Seoul Metropolitan Government is in caring for its people and the environment, and in keeping up with technology and progress but without forgetting about its past.