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  • January 2016 Cultural Events Calendar

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    Hyundai Card Culture Project 19 “Stanley Kubrick”

    Nov. 29 (Sun) ~ Mar. 13 (Sun)

    Weekdays: 10:00~20:00

    Weekends: 10:00~18:00

    Closed on Mondays

    Seoul Museum of Art, Seosomun Main Building (2F, 3F)

    Adults (at least 19 years old): KRW 13,000

    Youths (18 or under): KRW 10,000

    Children (7 to 12): KRW 8,000

    An exhibition of the creative world of Stanley Kubrick, the director famous for numerous innovative films, such as 2001 Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut.  


    Seoul Metropolitan Theater’s “Shakespeare Made Easy Series I”

    Family musical The Tempest

    Jan. 13 (Wed) ~ Jan. 31 (Sun)

    Thursday: 11:00

    Friday: 19:30

    Saturday: 14:00 and 17:00, Sunday: 14:00 (Closed on Mondays)

    Sejong M Theater

    R seats: KRW 40,000

    S seats: KRW 30,000

    A seats: KRW 20,000

    A family musical version of The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last romantic play. This is an edifying performance based on a message of reconciliation from Stephano, the cook.  


    Third anniversary of Seoul Citizens Hall

    Jan. 8 (Fri) ~ Jan. 24 (Sun)

    Vicinity of Seoul Citizens Hall


    Special performances, exhibitions, and events to celebrate the third anniversary of Seoul Citizens Hall.


    Donated Collection Exhibition

    Jan. 1 (Fri) ~ Jan. 31 (Sun)


    (Closed on Jan. 1 and Mondays)

    Seoul Museum of History, Exhibition Hall of Donated Collection


    An exhibition of items donated by Seoul residents consisting of five sections: Exhibition Hall 1 (Leading Craftspeople of Seoul), Exhibition Hall 2 (20 Years after 1994), Exhibition Hall 3 (High-ranking Officials of Hanyang), Exhibition Hall 4 (Unhyeongung Palace), and Exhibition Hall 5 (Photographs of Seoul)


    2016 Art and Humanities Lectures with Great Scholars and Famous Speakers

    Jan. 29 (Fri)


    Gyeomjae Jeongseon Memorial Museum,

    Multipurpose Room (3F)

    KRW 35,000

    Theme: Examination and Vision of Korean Culture

    Lecturer: Yu In-chon (former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


    Changed Food, Changed Body:

    The Journey to Wellness

    Jan. 4 (Mon) ~ Jan. 25 (Mon) Every Monday: 10:00~12:30

    Dobong Center for Women


    Outlines how dietary changes can improve our health.


    “Bling Bling”

    Family Experience Exhibition

    Nov. 15 (Sun) ~ Jan. 16 (Sat)

    Duration: 80 minutes

    Gangdong Arts Center,

    Art Gallery Geurim

    Children: KRW 18,000

    Adults: KRW 10,000

    Group rate: KRW 11,000

    (Admission for children and groups includes KRW 4,000 for materials)

    An interactive exhibition based on a theme of rainbows and constellations that uses color and light to create fun activities for children.


    Paper Clay Mask-making Activity

    Jan. 2 (Sat): 14:00~15:30

    Jan. 16 (Sat): 10:30~12:00

    Feb. 6 (Sat): 14:00~15:30

    Jong Ie Nara Paper Art Museum

    KRW 10,000

    A hands-on class where participants make masks and other craft items out of soft hanji mixed with water.