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  • January 2014 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 2536

    january 2014 Cultural Events Calendar

    Event Period Venue Details Inquiries
    New Year’s Music ConcertJoyful Heaven, Peaceful Land 19:30 on Jan. 8(Wed) Grand Theater of the Sejong Center New Year’s music concert is planned with a wishful mind for a peaceful world for citizens in 2014. 20,000 wonwww.sejongpac.or.kr +82-2-399-1114
    When attitudes become a style Dec. 24 (Tue), 2013 ~Feb. 2 (Sun), 2014 The Project Gallery on the 3rd fl. of the Main Building of Seoul Museum of Art An exhibition of artworks by five artists who have been formed their own art world, concentrating on paintinghttp://sema.seoul.go.kr +82-2-2124-8939
    Hans Graf’s Mahler Symphony No. 10Hana Classic Series I 20:00~21:30 on Jan.23 (Thu) Concert of Seoul Arts Center
    • Conductor : Hans Graf
    • Joint Performance: Svetlin Roussev
    • Program- Korngold, Violin Concerto

      – Mahler, Symphony No. 10 (Deryck Cooke version III)

      R Seats 70,000 won/ S Seats 50,000 won / A Seats 30,000 won

      B Seats 20,000 won/ C Seats 10,000 won


    Art & Cook – Holding art Dec. 7 (Sat), 2013~ Jan. 22(Wed), 2014 Main Building of the Sejong Art Museum An exhibition of artworks on food containers and cooking tools held in 2013 as a sequel of artworks on foods and food ingredientsAdults 5,000 won/ Teens & Children 3,000 won