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  • Jangchung Gymnasium, Reborn as ‘a Sports and Cultural Complex’ after 50 Years

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    The 51-year-old Jangchung Gymnasium — the nation’s first indoor gymnasium, which opened on February 2, 1963 — with a history of holding numerous historic events, including amateur basketball matches, pro-wrestling matches by legendary pro-wrestler Kim Il, and the 12th presidential election, has been reborn as a sports and cultural complex.

    The exterior design symbolizes Korea’s representative dances and plays, such as the fan dance and Ganggangsullae, a Korean circle dance, and focus was made on improving the safety of the facilities. Audience seats were divided into themed seats, including family seats and couple seats, and seats for the disabled. The gym is also equipped with state-of-the-art audio/sound equipment, lighting, a large electronic screen, and broadcasting facilities to enable a variety of cultural performances like musicals and concerts to be held. The accessibility has been enhanced by building a pathway connecting Dongguk Univ. Subway Station (Line 3) to the gym.

    • Solar Light Facility
    • A Passage to the Dongguk Univ. Subway Station
      (Line 3)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation began remodeling the gym, whose condition had deteriorated, and after going through two years and eight months of renovations that started in May 2012, its interior and exterior facilities were eventually unveiled to the public in January 15, 2015.

    After the renovations, the previous gym, with one underground floor and three above ground floors (total floor area: 8,385㎡), has been expanded to two underground floors and three above ground floors (total floor area: 11,429㎡) with a total of 4,507 audience seats.

    The newly-built second underground floor will be used as an auxiliary stadium and fitness center (total floor area: 564.7㎡) for athletes as well as a sports center for local residents.

    • Seats with Folding Armrest
    • Sound-Proofed Wall

    In addition, the gym houses a ‘Sports Activity Center’, where local residents can enjoy leisure activities (first underground floor); sports-related operational management facilities, including the main stadium, athlete waiting room, referee’s room, and janitor’s office (first above ground floor); service facilities, such as the general audience seats, ticket booth, and cafeteria (second above ground floor), and general audience seats (third above ground floor).

    Building Facilities

    Location 200-102, Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu
    Size Two Underground Floors, Three Above Ground Floors
    Total Floor Area: 11,429㎡ (Expanded approx. 3,044㎡)
    Above Ground Floor 3rd Floor Audience Seating (General Audience Seats)
    2nd Floor Audience Seating and Service Facilities
    (Cafeteria, Ticket Booth, Exhibition Hall, etc.)
    1st Floor Sports-Related Operational Management Facilities
    (Main Stadium, Athlete Waiting Room, Referee’s Room,
    Janitor’s Office, Electricity Room, etc.)
    Underground 1st Floor Sports and Cultural Complex (Sports Activity Center)
    Floor 2nd Floor Sports Operational Facility (Auxiliary Stadium)
    and Sports and Cultural Complex (Fitness Center, etc.)

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